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I was looking to do some upgrades to my Stradic 5000fk after reading a post on upgrades to a 3000fk. Can anyone tell me the size of the bearing to replace the plastic spool bushing (rd16157) Also the size bearing to replace the the bushing on the handle (rd14171).

It's my understanding that the 5000fk already has cf drag washers so no need to upgrade to carbontex.

Any thoughts on the stocks shimano bearings vs boca bearings?

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the 5k is the 4k with larger spool.

Stradic fk 4000xg
Ball Bearing Upgrade....and tuning
The handle knob bearing is the same 4x7x2.5mm.
The wormshaft bearing is the same 3x6x2.5mm
The under the spool drag support bearing is bigger 8x16x5mm
The original felt drag washers thickness is 0.7mm...just in case if someone wants to buy a carbontex sheet!!!
Thanks all of you for the info!!!
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