Storing Jigs on Slow Pitch Rods

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Shallowminded31, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. Shallowminded31

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    The rod holder worked out nicely this morning. The rod protector I put on it prevents the jig from falling down to the bottom.

  2. HungryJack

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    Two problems with your method.
    1. Hook points come in contact with the metal rod holder,
    just like the previous poster who does the same as you,
    has happening with his hook point.
    Pointy sharp hooks are kind of important,
    or at least that is what I have read on line.

    2. On a rough day, when the boat is pounding,
    the jig WILL come out of the rod holder,
    then the boat/wave action will apply centripetal force
    to the lure and it will come swinging around,
    hooking somebody or breaking electronics and windscreens.
    It WILL COME OUT, that is guaranteed to happen one day.
    Where it ends up, in somebodies face or body or into a fishfinder
    is the luck of the draw.

    Wrapping the line around your handle 3 or 4 times,
    then stuffing the jig into the rod holder,
    WILL prevent the inevitable accident from happening.
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  3. Shallowminded31

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    Yeah, I noticed the hooks points on the metal. Honestly it was a coincidence, it usually just fell right in without the hooks on top. Even so, hardened hooks on soft stainless for 1 min or two wont be an issue.

    It was rough today. Tightly packed 4' confused sea. I only did it moving to redrift, it wasn't going to come out. When we went on plane, the jig was removed.
    After the pic I started leaving slack in the line so the rod couldn't load up the jig ever.
  4. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    Well, Stainless Steel has a much harder Rockwell hardness,
    than the carbon steel your hook is made of.
    If your hook was so hard, it could never be sharpened.
    So you got this completely backwards, and thus wrong.

    Point two, about it not going to come out.
    You probably understand less about physics than you do
    metallurgical properties.

    Learning something, like wrapping it around your reel handle
    is not possible for you I guess,
    since you are such an expert in so many fields as you have just demonstrated.
    So stick with your methods and faulty reasoning.

    PS> bragging about catching Red Snapper in another thread,
    is the mark of a googan, just sayin.

    PPS> why is it so hard for fishermen to follow the most basic of instructions
    that are given to them, to make them more productive or make things easier for them.
    Why do 99% of them, with limited experience, think they know better than anybody else? This happens online, on boats, instructions from mates who are out daily
    are ignored, captains advise ignored, etc.
    Everybody knows better,
    yet only one in ten can actually catch fish with any consistency.
  5. Shallowminded31

    Shallowminded31 Active Member

    Well, A. I'm a mechanical engineer. I have learned, understand, and use daily plenty about both metallurgy and especially physics ;)
    And B. Please how me a hardness test results that shows a martensitic sst or a forged high carbon content HT steel is softer than an austenitic sst. I'm generally curious here. I have some doubts.

    I tried wrapping it around the reel a couple times. For the storage I was doing (idling) I found it unnecessary.

    When it comes to SPJ, I am a googan. That being said, its red snapper season here (2 weekends a year) so that's what we were fishing for and SPJ was very effective.

    I did follow the advice given to me by multiple people, just not yours. ;)
    You don't need to be so passive aggressive about it mr elitist and get so butt hurt about it....but it's a common occurrence in your replies.
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  6. bigtexas

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    I never realized that the metal rod holder would dull my hooks, hopefully I will be able to catch a fish now with this valuable information.
  7. Feldguy

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  8. Lilmie28

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    I usually take out my jigs during movement.
    Especially if they are heavy
  9. dspencer

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    I attach the jig on the reel and then grab the line half way up the rod. Wrap the line around the rod three or four times and line stays tight to the rod. It won't bend the tip if you wrap it once or twice near the tip.
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  10. mythosbeer

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    Rod holder method never failed me yet on my boat and charters. Surprisingly, that is what the charters I take do also. Perhaps you can share your contact ingo so I can share with all the captains and mates that have been doing it "wrong" for so many years?

    People have different ways of doing things and just because you do it different, doesn't make you right or wrong, just makes you different. No need to be so aggressive...can't we all just get along?