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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Capt. Dom, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Got out late yesterday afternoon, and my horseshoe apparently is still stuck, and still begs for busted stuff in return for the fish..... Headed out with a couple friends I had been promising a go to see what the blow did, and punched in a random number near center of my recent successes, and stopped the boat on it in pea soup fog. Just as we got there, a small little window of semi-clear air opened, and I saw vague signs in the misty distance, so I blasted a couple hundred yards and stopped near a few petrels and shearwaters working feverishly. Like magic, a few tuna rolled, I cast a tuna candy right into where they had just been, and was inhaled instantly. Fought a pig of a fish all the way back to the boat(twice), only to have it snap a very expensive top shot gaff and sink into the depths with the business end, the lure, and our love..... my buddy Fred(Seaworm)can fill in the rest on that one.

    Less than 12 hours later vindication was mine....slow day, but we managed to hook up 3 times on the spinners, and bring one back home, a fat 61.5 inch hardtail. This fish was gorged on sand eels from 2 inches up to snakes of 9 inches, and lots of tiny squid. He coughed up a quart or so, and his belly was had at least a gallons worth....what an impressive animal.

    To say the start of 2009 tuna aboard my ride is epic wouldnt be far off the mark.......
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    Incredibly. I have to get in on this action. Somebody please take me.;)

    I've been lucky enough to catch a couple tuna up to 500lbs, but never topwater.

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    I think I need to plan a bluefin trip for next year.
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    Gotta love it! Keep hitting it out of the park Capt!!!!!