Sticky drag breaks a $1000 rod

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by tmd, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. tmd

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    did not happen to me, but the video makes me sad. the drag would not give line and it breaks rod before he could unscrew the knob. can anyone tell what reel is this? is it a saltiga expedition?

    YouTube - Fisherman Rod broken by big GT
  2. FishingAddict

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    Looked like to me he was just palming the spool too much. And that just SUCKS.

  3. Fishhead56

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    I would say Yes. the reel is a Saltiga Exp.

    To me it also looks like the fish changed it's mind.
    and did not want to play anymore.
    The angler was pumping the fish gaining line then Mr. GT turned and pulled
    drag. The added spool pressure from the angler was too much. The angler was't going to give and the fish wasn't either so something in between did...

    Any way it all happened pretty fast.....
  4. pametfisher

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    Looked like to me he was just palming the spool too much. And that just SUCKS.

    You got that right. I like the physics of these things. Not only did the rod break but a guide pulled out. Here is my quick set of calculations.

    Short jigging rods because of good leverage present a problem. The rod had bent so that the grip was about 60% of the length.

    The fisherman can probably hold 60 lbs. in his top hand. Therefore when he stopped the spool, the line tension went to 60% of 60 lbs--i.e. 36 lbs., maybe more.

    The rod was bent 135 degrees so the force on the rod was roughly 1.7 times the drag--i.e. nearly 60 lbs.

    You don't have to high stick to overload a rod.
  5. geyssonh

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    It's not sticky drag. STICKY FINGERS!!
  6. Bellyups

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    That rod was bent almost 180 degrees when in broke. Stop the film at 30-31 seconds and you can see how much bend is in the rod. That is the equivlent of very high sticking. You have to point the rod down when the fish goes under the boat. It can be hard to control fish with short rods that have long handles.
  7. Jason4606

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    Scott's right. Angler error all the way... Fish was WAY under the boat and he should have had the rod tip down there too to follow him.

    If you're going to fish drag that's at the rod's limit, (it looked like he was really pushing his luck during first 20-30 seconds worth of high sticking!:eek:) you better know how to do it right or you'll be crying too! :)
  8. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    At least I get to see Fisherman rod both inside and outside. I would like to have
    one even after this event. ;) But I get other fine rods this year from this Forum instead. :cool:

    I talked to Nick Bowles with Ocean Active for some time about stopping
    big GT. He mentioned he has has broken 3 of 4 Simth wild violance rods in short order on true
    50 - 60 kg GT. He is a big man and fishes 130lb braid 400 leader, rings, hooks ect.
    on Accurate 30 with max drag looking to control that one big fish.

    The you tube fisherman, Nick and many others most likley
    know 100x more than me on GT but I have learned it can be like a UFC fight .
    It happens Fast.:eek:
  9. caranx hunter

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    I've been to the location where the video was made.

    Alot of times we get small bigeye jacks and it looks like we're just reeling them in. Then all of a sudden something else comes along and takes the big eye. Most probably a big GT - they seem to love big eye jacks around the rigs.

    The guy should have removed his rod from the gimbal but it probably happened so fast......
  10. maybs

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    Yep, dude violated that rod, ouch, I know if I had my choice between letting the fish go under the boat or snapping a Fisherman Spinoza, what I would do... ;)
  11. Billy 40

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    Wonder what people pay for when they spend $1000 for a plain rod with $75 worth of guides. Is the blank really $700?