stickbaiting for gt

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by ownish, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. ownish

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    Hello guys

    im very new to stickbait targeting gt.
    recently im out in the sea and i was using a sweeping my stick there is a gt trailing behind my stick but it didnt commit to a bite. i was wondering how can i covert it to a bite?

    also do a fat stick bait like shimano head dip or duo rough trial vs a skinny stick like maria rapido makes a difference ?
  2. Kim

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    The reason that fish hit lures is because of a predatory reaction to their prey. They will follow lures and not strike because they are interested but the lure presentation lacks the action to provoke the predatory reaction. That is where knowing how to work the lure to produce the predatory reaction. Throw match the hatch on top of that.

  3. philippe

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    Dear Ownish, GT fishing is not an exact science...Sometimes you will got a bite with BIIIIG stickbaits, sometimes with smalers.... Sometimes GT's want a popper sometimes a jig or NOTHING....
    Just practice a lot and play with your lures.
    Overall, stockbaits (depending of the brand and the model) can swim in varous way ( twitching, sweeping, WTD, etc...) You can have a look on yout..e to see tutos about "how to swim a stickbait" . It can help you, but don't guarantee a bite at each cast.