Stella SW20000 PG versus US Stella 20000

Discussion in 'Reels' started by hstsw, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. hstsw

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    Request for information regarding the difference between the Japaneses version Stella SW20000 PG versus the US version of Shimano Stella 20000.
    Pro & Con?
    Thanks! New to Shimano Stella
  2. gman

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    From what I understand the japanese stella PG 20000 SW comes with an extra spool and handle and 2 lubricant sprays. I chose the japanese version but now I cant read the owners manual LOL

  3. ahistick

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    Shimano USA won't honor the Japanese model's warranty. Shimano USA may not even service the other model and, if parts are different, you won't be able to get those either. At that price and product level, I don't think those reels go in for too much servicing, but one never knows.
  4. Uncle Russ

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    I bought both the SW 20K and the 8K from Randy at Anglers Pro Shop. Because of the extra spool, I decided to take a calculated risk on the service issue on those two reels, even though arguably, they will get the heaviest wear. (On the smaller Stellas which I will use daily in the bay at some point, I decided to go with American models.)

    On the other hand, knowing I would almost certainly have to have the 20K and 8K serviced someday (you wouldn't want to use a reel that I had serviced myself--with all the small parts that would be left over,) I talked to Randy about the parts issue. He is a standup guy whom I have done a lot of business with and know you can trust, and he tells me that virtually all of the parts are interchangeable. I also discussed it with the repair person at Tackletown in Rockport and at McBride's here in Austin, and they can service them. Of course it will be on my nickel, but I made the decision that I am not likely to need service during the warranty period.

  5. hstsw

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    Thank you very much!
  6. Drifter

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    I have a Stella SW 20K that had a small burr on the bail roller. Roy's in CC took care of it free of charge. Not sure if they would replace parts on the SW models (if it ever breaks) but it might be worth a call to ask them if they would service the reals.
  7. I have twice sent SW reels to Shimano USA for repair when I couldnt fix the problem myself:

    (1) An Israelis customer scarred and damaged his Stella SW20k very badly when he fell off his bicycle on his way back from the marina; it was fixed for less then $30.

    (2) Another customer had a broken ball bearing, it was fixed by Shimano for a few bucks.

    Bottom line I think is if they (shimano USA) can fix it, they will. They will not shun a shimano reel sent in, unless you send them a Saltiga....

    Print the repair request form and send it in to Shimano...

    As for the Japanese model reels I sell, I can gaurantee getting the parts and it will not cost an arm or a leg because they come from Japan, I bring them in on one of my weekly shipments.