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I just opened my SW20000 and it's way cool! Not as big or heavy as I had imagined. And that's a good thing.

But, it came with an extra spool, but the spool is labeled SW16000!

Of course it's not as big as the 20K that's on the reel, so I know it's not mislabeled.

Does an SW 16000 reel exist?

If so, I cannot find anything about it regarding size, drag, cost etc.

Any help?


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You got the SW version. Japan version. It comes with the extra spool. The FA version is the USA version. Same reel but might have to be sent to Japan to be serviced. I also just received another 20000 in the mail this week. It was the FA version and has no extra spool. Is the SW blue or smokey gray?
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