Stella SW or FA?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by txcards, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. txcards

    txcards Senior Member

    Guys, I am looking to get a few stellas, a 20k for jigging and 10k for popping (or maybe 2 20ks). My question is, the old ones are on sale, and I found a good deal on the new one, for a $200 per reel difference, would you get the new ones over the old ones? Thanks
  2. hatidua

    hatidua Senior Member

    I have three times as many Stella FA reels now as I did a year ago due to finding them on sale now so I guess it's pretty obvious where I stand on the issue ;)

  3. xs_tackle

    xs_tackle Senior Member

    Seems you're asking at least 2 diff questions:
    1. Relative merits of FA vs SW model Stellas
    2. Relative merits of various models w/in those lines compared to each other--e.g., 10,000 vs. 14,000 vs. 18,000 vs. 20,000

    The former has been explored already; and, Hatidua may have already beat the Smithsonian to the rest of the offshore FA's.

    But, the latter question lingers. What are the respective rationales for the different models? Is this just Shimano chutzpah? (we're so good at teasing you with products we don't have to say--much less explain--anything)? I'll assume for now the different lines reflect different engineering trade-offs re weight, drag, line capacity to optimize some different types of fishing. But, I can't tell which and don't expect Shimano to explain it--I haven't seen a word on this from them.
  4. gimmedeal

    gimmedeal Senior Member

    There is one reel in the new lineup that is dramatically improved. The FA line is arguably the best spinning reel made. If Shimano has actually made improvements in functioning and durability, that remains to be seen. One reel in the SW lineup does appear to be dramatically improved though is the 10000SW. The 10000 FA has always beeen the size of the 20000, and in my opinion too heavy for its line capacity. Now the 10000SW is the same size and weight as the 8000. Big difference. It holds more PE6 than the 8000 holds PE5. Weighwise It'll make the 10000 series a much more fishable reel. My B'day is next Monday and I'm probably gonna take the plunge. If you want to fish PE8 get one of the 20000 FA while they'e still available.

  5. Jason4606

    Jason4606 Tuna Club member

    Bingo Fred... That's the one I was looking at too. 10000SW with lighter weight (but retaining higher 5.8:1 gear) looks like it would be worth a premium for a PE6 popping rig.

  6. gimmedeal

    gimmedeal Senior Member

    There's a seller on Ebay selling both the XG and PG 10000SW for $799 and free shipping. He now has one less to sell.

  7. Dude-

    Dude- Junior member

    The new SW's are expensive and the FA are a proven machine. I can tell you this, they are both worth it. I've been using the new SW (jp), love it and want more. The price tag hurts but trust me. You'll forget how much you paid for it after your first fish. But both fA and SW are good.

    One questionable purchase is the 5000SW. Not sure if I can justify treating myself for a reel that catches small game (5-40lb). FA would be my choice for the 5000.
  8. JerseyBrian

    JerseyBrian Senior Member

    if i was to buy a new stella, it would be the 10000 like Fred said for casting and popping... I'm perfectly fine with the FA series of reels for the rest of my needs :)

    Dude - for smaller class reel, I might pick up a Twin Power 5000HG for my inshore needs. A tad over $300 and they are built very well.
  9. Dude-

    Dude- Junior member

    good point JerseyBrian. I got my first SW8000 a few months ago and was followed by a 18000SW then the 20000SW. I need a new rod inorder to get the 10000XG, looks like I have my eyes on an OCEA Bluefin 86m. For my inshore fishing, I just got the Smith KGS like the one that gman got. Anuvat is building that one. Looking to get the 5000SW but cant justify getting such an expensive piece for Stripers, Blues, etc. THe reel you suggested might be a good fit, heck I might even get a sustain just for the hell of it. Parts are easy to get and I dont feel bad if something goes wrong with it. Stella 5000FA is looking pretty good for that application. Its priced right.