Stella Fa's, Sw's, PG's, JDM's, '08's etc.

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  1. redneck_billcollector

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    Man, it would be nice if someone could do this for the Daiwa Saltiga line. I am finding that alot of spools from various models are interchangaeble with my Z6500 Expedition. I just don't want to purchase a spool that won't fit. Hopefully will have a 6000GT soon too.
  2. sharkfishing76

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    Expedition 5500 360-380 yards JB 60 holow depending what machine You using if U go with solid 65 braid would take over 400 yards
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  3. Nick Mosaquites

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    I am in the market for a Stella 18k only because 14 doesn't have enough line capacity. So, if I buy a 10k and buy an SOM 16k spoil, it will work?
  4. DaStellahGuy

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    Stella 8k- 14k will fit in any JM/SOM/Maxel 16000 spool.
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  5. Nick Mosaquites

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    I am in the market for a Stella 14k and want an extra spool with more line capacity. Is 16k highest you can go? What are the better spools and where can i get them? Thanks in advance.
  6. jiggingnut

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    16K spool is currently the biggest available for Stella reels in the 8-14K sizes. If you need to go bigger than 16K spool, then you'd have to move up to a bigger reel like the 18K.

    16K spools show up in the BST section every now and then. Some of 360 sponsors also sells them on their site. And they're always available in the big auction site.
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    Okay, so now we have the spool interchangeability thing covered, care to take a stab add the different model designations? What's an SWB what's SW, FA, FL, PG, HG...their are so many, how does one differ from the rest?
    Okay, "Shimano Stella"...which is which and what does what? What sizes are available with which model designations and what the hell do the different model letters mean...this is a serious question. I'd never buy a Stella, because I have no idea what I would be buying.
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