Stella 8000 SW/Tuna Sniper 40-60 line choice

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by masonboro, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. masonboro

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    I am looking for opinions on what type and what size line I should spool my new 8000 sw on a Tuna Sniper 40/60 popping rod.I am going to use the rod/reel combo for YFT. I use Diawa BoatBraid on my jigging outfit's but this is my first Popping outfit and am not sure what to use for Popping.
    My concerns are line capacity and wind knot's.
    I will be using this outfit mostly in Panama hopefully.
    Thankyou for your opinion's.
    P.S. Thankyou Mr.Bill for the reel, received it today!!!
  2. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    I recommend PE5 Varivas Avani Big One or PE5 Varivas Avani Tuna for your Stella SW8k. You will get the capacity as well as super strength. The Varivas lines can be used for both jigging and casting:

    Varivas Avani Big One:
    APS - Varivas Avani Big One

    Varivas Avani Tuna:
    APS - Varivas Avani Tuna

  3. kidflex

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    65 izor. super thin and strong. 12 strand.
  4. Billiam

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    If your looking for cost point, I heard the jerry brown solid is good for casting, along with stren super braid (I even heard that stren super braid breaks at a higher lb test strength when tested). 50-65lb test. On my personal opinion do not go with tuftline, (even though some may suggest tuftline xp) - I find this line only good for conventional reels. Let us know what you go for and how you fair out with it.
  5. Fishhead56

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    Spider wire ultra cast 50-65lb, But I find it hard to find 300 yd spools in
    most shops.

    That being said, I have 6 saltiga 6000 and 6500 spools loaded with red JB
    one line solid in 65 , 80 and 100 that cast fine.

    Dawia boat braid and Izori I have on Torque,Avet and Saltiga conv reels that
    I cast\pich with out problem.

    I went through an issue with 65 Jb hollow on a spinner and fought wind knots.
    But I would say half of that problem was how I loaded the reel.

    Stella 20000 on Carpentar jig rod and Dawia 80 boat braid and casting jig into the wind as hard as I want...

    Lots of choices