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Ok so you guys convinced me to get the 7' OTI spinner. Now I am wondering what line to use with it and what leader to use.

At the moment I have it spooled with 30# power pro and use a 40#fluorocarbon leader. Will this be sufficient or should I use a heavier line/leader? I will be using it for YFT and possibly tarpon and other species.

Any advice would be great. Thanx a bunch.


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Take a look at the OTI Metered PE6 braid (74# breaking strength).. you will need 20# of drag to control most 40-60# school YFT and more if you get into larger fish.

The Metered line has a color change every few feet so you can mark your depth when jig fishing for BFt and Aj's.

Most folks use 50-60# Flourocarbon with 65# Braid.
Most also use 3ft of 80# Flouro as a shock leader for Knife Jigs

Sounds like you will be fishing a Sports Fisher with the fish you've listed.. you will have to follow a large Tarpon and use a heavy mono leader due to chaffing.


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Hey Jeremiah!

My 8000SW came with two spools.

On my jig spool (light jigging) I have 60lb DeptFinder and use an 80# leader.

On my topwater spool, I use either 50 or 65 lb Jerry Brown spectra with a 60 or 80 lb mono leader.

That 8000 has great drag and the rod will handle 20# constant if you need it.

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SW2000 I use for jigging spooled with OTI depthfinder line 60# and extra spool 80#

10000FA - for casting spooled with suffix high vis 65#, much better than PP and I find that braid casts better than JB but thats just my opinion
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