Stella 800 and 7' OTI

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by JCollins, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. JCollins

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    Ok so you guys convinced me to get the 7' OTI spinner. Now I am wondering what line to use with it and what leader to use.

    At the moment I have it spooled with 30# power pro and use a 40#fluorocarbon leader. Will this be sufficient or should I use a heavier line/leader? I will be using it for YFT and possibly tarpon and other species.

    Any advice would be great. Thanx a bunch.

  2. Bazztex

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    Take a look at the OTI Metered PE6 braid (74# breaking strength).. you will need 20# of drag to control most 40-60# school YFT and more if you get into larger fish.

    The Metered line has a color change every few feet so you can mark your depth when jig fishing for BFt and Aj's.

    Most folks use 50-60# Flourocarbon with 65# Braid.
    Most also use 3ft of 80# Flouro as a shock leader for Knife Jigs

    Sounds like you will be fishing a Sports Fisher with the fish you've listed.. you will have to follow a large Tarpon and use a heavy mono leader due to chaffing.


  3. gimmedeal

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    I agree. On the 8000 Shimanos 50 to 65 lb braid and 80 short fluoro leader tied on. Fish 17 lb drag with the 50 and 20 lbs with the 60 or 65. MAKE GOOD KNOTS.

  4. Ragman

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    Hey Jeremiah!

    My 8000SW came with two spools.

    On my jig spool (light jigging) I have 60lb DeptFinder and use an 80# leader.

    On my topwater spool, I use either 50 or 65 lb Jerry Brown spectra with a 60 or 80 lb mono leader.

    That 8000 has great drag and the rod will handle 20# constant if you need it.

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    50lb JB on mine too...
  6. gman

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    SW2000 I use for jigging spooled with OTI depthfinder line 60# and extra spool 80#

    10000FA - for casting spooled with suffix high vis 65#, much better than PP and I find that braid casts better than JB but thats just my opinion
  7. SkeeterRonnie

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    I wont use less than 80# flouro leader, unless I am chunking... then its 60#. Straight braid to the SPRO power swivel. 12-18" leader on topwaters, 4' leader on jigs. 6-10' on chunking rig.