Stella 20000SW 60-65 solid braid capacity?

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    Hi there, I've been reading old posts here for Stella spool capacities, I found some about Jerry Brown Hollow Core capacities and not much about how much a 20k can hold in 60 or 65# SOLID braid. Jerry Brown, Maxcuatro, PE, Tasline, which line will give the most capacity in this line weight? I'm looking for something around 600 yards. Planning on using 20 to 25# of drag max with maximum capacity.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Maxcuatro will give you the most, my guess is 650. It has the same diameter as a 50 lb braid
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  3. VROffshore

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    Thanks, that would be great, I wish they sold 600 yard spools, they jump from 500 to 1500 and this is expensive line, also to spool by the yard at the tackle shop is much more expensive than bringing your own spool and have them spool it.
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    That’s not true. Shoot me a pm. I can order you a custom spool of any yardage you may want or need. And i can spool your reel as well.
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    Guys who can order custom spools
    Don’t come a dime a dozen
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