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Hey guys,

I visited the Rockport Art Festival a few weeks ago and picked this up... A Yellowfin Tuna cut from steel and then heated to give it different colors. A 2Cooler from Katy, named MetalMan (Greg Dennis), sells these, and they are something to see. He had a 42" YFT, but it was too big for the wall at home. He's got some neat fish, including specks, reds, red snapper, flying fish and dorados, but not sure if he has a website. BTW, that is BellyUp holding the fish in front of Roy's Bait and Tackle.

Tom - DBG


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I swear that picture looks photoshopped or whatever it is called. DBG gots to be fixing the pictures he takes, the picture he took on the 23rd Son-one charter has me looking way too pretty.;)
I am going to get one of those, that is way cool.
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