Steelhead fishing Lake Ontario Northern Tributaries

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  1. Another stellar year where there had been a good run of fish and most rivers had good amounts of fish available on opening weekend. Unfortunately, there had been a heavy downpour 3 days ago and the water was milk tea. Mid week it rained again only clearing up this afternoon. Today it started out at 10C and by afternoon it was 25C.

    Fish were holding in spawning grounds and had not dropped back. Getting over 20 hit in a day was not uncommon. Landing a third of the hook up was a good day.

    We can expect fish to hold in the river till middle or late May depending on water temp. Most amazing thing is a single or tandem neutral buoyant trout bead out fishes fresh roe or a live worm.


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    Always a pleasure to fish with you and also to see what you are up to. When are you catching the bus again?