State Water Snapper Trip 8/8/8

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    We, (Mike & family, Dick and myself), took off late morning for a State Water red snapper trip. The seas were pretty good,(2 footers), and we enjoyed a comfortable ride out to a near shore rig. We stopped to look at this Ridley turtle cruising around...and other than a tree that we saw floating around on the way...there was very little debris. As we cruised South...the water changed to a nice blue color. We saw about 5 or 6 sea turtles. We named one of the turtles that we saw at the rig Barnacle Bill, (not to be confused with Mr. Bill, although he may have barnacles also)....he was all covered with barnacles.

    We arrived at the rig and started dropping squid and live pin perch. The snapper were definitely home and were hungry for the squid. Mike and his family were catching snapper one after another. I initially started with my faithful luck. It seems that the only bait that worked was squid. After converting to squid....I caught a few...some keepers and some that were too small. The youngest member of the crew, Jonathan, ended up with the biggest fish of the day.... a 25 inch red snapper. (Way to go Jonathan!).

    I put down a nice sized larger pin perch and ended up hooking something pretty large. I fought it for a short didn't run...just crawled along the bottom with all of it's heaviness. (My guess is that it was either a big shark or grouper). It eventually clipped my line....(Thank God...because I was feeling very punk from the heat).

    Three ling showed up....nice sized ones...and I didn't really have anything else to throw out other than speck rigs with a piece of I gave it a shot...haha. Right after the speck rigs hit the water, all three ling made a 90 degree turn towards my bait. Almost immediately I was hooked up. The ling was probably bigger than we thought and he just kept running deep. Before I knew it....he was gone...straightened out the hook. (I'll be better prepared for ling next time). I have read where the ling are thick at the State water rigs....and now...I am a believer.

    It was a short trip...but lots of fun. Thanks to Mike, his family, and Dick for a great day. Thanks for the pics Dick....great pictures.

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    nice pics and beautiful looking boat!

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    Great trip Richard, Mike, jenny, and Jim!!! I say this even though I absolutely hate the Red Sox and your boat isn't a Fountain, LOL!
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    nice snappy haul there Richard. Glad to see you got your lift fixed..
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    We named one of the turtles that we saw at the rig Barnacle Bill, (not to be confused with Mr. Bill, although he may have barnacles also)....he was all covered with barnacles.

    My response to your statement is in the picture below.

    This has been the best year for ling in all the years I've been fishing. I've seen hundreds. The good thing is there are a ton of undersized ones. I think next year will be even better ling fishing. :) I personally caught eight. Excellent table-fare. The biggest was 62 pounds. You should have tossed them a live pin perch. They love them. Best is a live crab. Ling are like dogs. They are territorial. A dog will piss on anything in its territory to mark it's home. Ling like to take control of a rig. They will do their best to chase off other ling of the same sex. One ling will make a rig or single pipe it's home until the water temperature changes, bait moves off or he is caught. This year almost every rig in shallow water had it's "home based" ling. Sometimes they just won't show themselves but a good graph recorder will show a ling is present. They spend most of their time lurking around the bottom eating. When you pull up to the rig, some will come to the top to see what is going on with their homestead.

    One year, I tried eight different times to catch this one ling that controlled this particular rig. I'd go out of the way on a returning trip from offshore to catch him. He had a gaff mark scar between his dorsal and head. It drove me nuts. Every weekend I would stop off to try and catch him. The ride back home every weekend had me wondering how I was going to catch him. I tried live crabs, eels, pin perch, ribbonfish, ballyhoo, even live menhaden. He was around 80 pounds and teased me every time. I tried everything in the book besides free gaffing him. I saw enough that I gave him the name of "Scarface". I never caught him.:mad:

    Can you get your boat through Packery Channel? I hear it's really shallow near the end of the jetties.

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    Yes....haven't ever had any problems getting in or out of Packery.
    I do exit the jetties from the center to the South side of center and return in the same area. The North side of the jetties may be shallower than the center to South side.
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    Nice trip Richard. State waters trips are part of the reason I am anxious to get my boat powered and in the water. There are lots of fish to be caught inside 9 NM. Any idea just how far out you were at that rig?

    There are alternatives to red snapper also. I'm told there are a bunch of spots where you can catch decent Mangos and even some Yellowtails. Though I thnk some of those spots are just outside of the line.

    Congrats .... sounds like a lot of fun.