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Spydro UW Camera & Okuma Surf Rig!

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What Happens Underwater When You're Fishing?

I just got my replacement Spydro Underwater Camera in from Spydro based in Israel so after charging it up i decided to give this unit a trial run to test the water proofing & picture resolution. I actually snagged the reef in much deeper water on my first cast straight out towards deeper water where we saw a large Tiger Shark devour a Sea Turtle a few weeks ago. So i didn't try to break the unit loose as it was dirtier in deeper water, i needed to find it. I went back to the car to grab my booties. Jumped in and swam out following the line in hand, pulled myself down & with pliers freed the unit. This was my 3rd time doing this! Yes, i do try to cast to areas that i know have less structure around but it is the reef after all.

I used my Okuma Heavy 11' Cedros Surf Rod w/my Surf 8K Spinning Reel. Seems a bit heavy duty for this but i've learned using heavier gear & especially monofilament line has helped me in the past "power" the unit out of structure. Mono stretches so pulling this 50lb thicker line compared to 50lb braid that doesn't stretch was the smarter choice when using the Spydro. On one outing i was getting "rubber banding" meaning i snagged old fishing line on the reef. Using the 50lb mono allowed me to power it out by snapping the discarded line (the whole scene was captured on the Spydro).

I was told by Spydro that the unit can be used for shore casting. But only if thrown into sandy/muddy areas i've found out. Also earlier attempts have shown the nose is heavy when you use the included clip w/supplied weight bar. The result is the camera looking downwards into the substrate rather then a slight upward angle to view the surroundings. In the beginning of this video i've shown my second modified system on how i've figured out how to get around this. And it works! My final solution because i'm now using a heavy duty casting rig is to use heavier lead so i can cast farther. I can put my weight system on the Spydro in under 2min on location.

Enjoy the scenery that till now only your bait has seen:)


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Enjoy the scenery that till now only your bait has seen:)
Got a video of something getting hooked ?
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