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Spro new abalone jigs

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SPRO's Sushi Spoon!!!
For 2006, knife jigs really caught on. SPRO caught the same wave, but they're taking it in a different direction. The SPRO Abalone Sushi Spoons are the most beautiful lures in the world! Wrapped in real abalone shell, nothing refracts light better in the water. These are real abalone, not some plastic imitation. As a result they carry a bit higher cost, but then again, they're the nicest such lures on the market. You will be amazed at the increase in fish you hook and land with the SPRO Abalone Sushi Spoon. To get the most from these lures, rig them with a split ring on the front and a welded ring. Attach your line and "assist" hooks to the welded ring. Use the lures vertically, jigged mid depth or off the bottom. The lures are five inches in length and weigh 3 ounces.

I copied and pasted the above from the weekly specials from charkbait. They come rigged with assist hooks. Expensive but very nice.
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If this is the jig you are talking about, indeed it's a beauty.

How many are you gonna get this time ?
I wish, I have your kind of fishing budget LOL


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How do you know I'm not the poorest guy posting on this board? I might not even have a pot to pee in.
Tackle hos know. ;)

Those are some nice looking jigs
I'm going to order some just because they look so good.

LOL. Tackle hos know!!!

$20 for a 3 ounce jig is out of my budget. Especially with all the sharks, kings, and cudas in our waters. It would almost be cheaper to make it out of pure silver. Now that should be getting any tackle ho's attention. Pure silver jigs! They would never lose their glitter. Their beauty would never allow you to use a lure wrap!
I went to charkbaits site this afternoon to order a bunch of these jigs and other things. They brag about how if you have the Caption Card it will automatically deduct 10% off your order when you go to checkout. Wrong. I tried three times. They also have a special on Gamakatsu Offshore Hooks. If you buy 3 packs, you get a set of 1 ringed for free.

Wrong, I put in 12 packs therefore I should have gotten 4 free packs of ringed hooks. The checkout was going to charge me for the ringed hooks. I gave up and never checked out. I guess I'll just get on the phone in the morning and talk to a real person. They are usually very nice and I'm sure everything will work out. Melton's is the only site that I never have on-line problems.
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