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  1. hamptonsurf

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    Just wondering what experiences some of you have with different length stingers on your spreader bars. I have been better results if I change the stinger size/color depending on the conditions. I drew no strikes on a Black, 13 inch squid bar, with 13 inch stinger....but when I switched out the stinger to a 6 inch, I had three takedowns.

    It is kind of fun to play with the size/color combos. The one factor I have left to experiment with is the length of the drop back on the stinger. I make all my own bars myself, but have seen commercial made bars with stingers that are anywhere from equal length back as all other squid in the pattern, all the way to about 8 feet behind the bunch. that seems a bit long and would require either a javelin style harpoon short or old school leader-rodeo at the end of the fight. Any thoughts?
  2. Bill Fisher

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    equal length back to double (maybe even triple) the length back is fine and i personally prefer something greater than equal lenghth back..........

    but if i want to go more than triple, my stinger goes on another rod run off the corner and back of the spreader or over the top directly behind it <or> on a release clip or rubberband on the last center lure........ and yup, different colors and sizes are good ideas

    leadering a fish to gaff has never been a problem for me and even tho i don't currently have a harpoon (want one though) i doubt i'd need to be throwing it 'spear-junker' style but would if i thot i had to

    a friend of mine has about a 100' deep-sided trawler and uses a 10' poon handle to reach out or down to stick'em..... but it floats and has a retrieval line on it too

    i make all my own bars too cuz i have the time, enjoy it, like having'em to my specs, and just can't see $helling out for something i could make myself unless it was just the bar itself like one of these 'splash bars'......


    ever check fred archer's site for ideas?........... Archer SuperBars Composite Spreader Bars, Dredges and Lures

  3. hamptonsurf

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    Thanks for the response and insights. Also for the link. I have seen these pre-made exchange stingers at some shops, but some are so long. I always set them back a bit from the spread, but usually 3 feet or so. Thanks again and good luck!