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    I came across a discussion on another board about each of these and thought it'd be good here as well. what does everyone have? does everyone know the difference/what they are?

    IMO having both is ideal, but the epirb is better if you only get one.
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    Bret, are you talking about for use on a private boat or on headboats?

    I never gave it much thought on headboats til I went on that trip with the 30 knot blow (the youtube video I posted). I've been in bigger seas, but that was on a guided missile cruiser. When I got back from that trip, my wife said she had a dream that I had fallen overboard, but I was saved by my inflatable suspenders--my wife might as well be a psycic if you believe in that sort of stuff, anyway, she was referring to my sos-spenders that I where on small boats, but I never where a PFD on party boats. Her promonitions got me really worried and I started thinking it might not be a bad idea to take a few precautions while offshore, and not rely soley on the boat and crew if something goes wrong--we all know there are a lot of boats on the bottom out there. Partyboats are pretty cautious with regards to the weather, but anything can happen.

    After that trip, I started thinking it might not be a bad idea, and one of those Spots would be handy to have in your pocket as well as a whistle and a signal mirror.

    Trying not to be paranoid, or look like a goofball, I never followed through, but I am still thinking about it.

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    i was mainly talking abt private boats or for guys who own their own boats.

    on a party boat ive never been worried abt it but being precautious isnt a bad thing either.
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    I have a spot, got a good deal on it(free). When I sent an alert, it was a generic text on the phones that I have listed. It didnt give the coordinates like its supposed to. There is no way to know if the unit is locked on to the satellites of course neither does a epirb. However a Epirb transmits in MHZ as its primary location instead of satellite only . And you can get a Gps epirb that transmits your location in Lat/Log via the 406 mhz radio.

    While the Spot is better than nothing, a good epirb should be a mandatory item on any boat over 26ft.

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