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    If you have seen this, what do think about carrying it with you're when hunting, fishing, or vacationing?
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    I have one, havent yet set up my subscription though. Got a good deal on it FREE. It is actually smaller than I expected, not much more than a garmin e trex GPS. Seems simple to operate and will track you on google earth if you subscribe to it(premium service).

    I dont know of any pouches specifically made for carring it, but I am sure it will fit in a small bag


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    I have one,and tested it out a couple can put up to 10 e-mail contacts,and 10 text message contacts into it.
    It has a check-in function,which allows you to send a pre-made message,along with current coordinates, to all 20 recipients.
    It also has the "help"button,that will send a pre-made help message,along with current coordinates,to all recipients......It took about 5 minutes for the messages to go to computers,and cell phones.It will also show a google earth link to your location.
    And it has a 911 function,that is also used for emergency...
    Very easy to setup,and not to expensive.