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Yes, this Sportsmans Warehouse in SA is definitely closing. Store is located in shopping center across the street from the SouthWest Foundation For Biomedical Research where the baboons & monkeys are caged. Sales through out the stores, discounts from 10-50% off.

Fellow anglers who uses TufflLine Braid should get over there ASAP before I buy them all. $15 off 300yd 80lb and $10 off for 300yd 65lb. In few weeks discounts will be bigger!!:)
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I called up the one on 1604 near 281 yesterday. I asked questions about their offshore stuff. The guy walked up and down the aisle as I asked questions. None of the offshore lures, swivels or anything in that asile was marked down. Maybe its just the store near Igram that is going out of business.
Yep, that store on 1604 will remain open and not offering store closing ridicilous kind discounts.:D
I tend to load up on stuff. Is it worth a 30 minute drive for me hit that store this evening. Did they have offshore stuff marked down. Three weeks ago, the store at 1604 had marked down their spro jigs. The good ones with real abalone shell inserts. I bought all 30 they had in stock for about 30 cents on the dollar.
Yes, everything is marked down including offshore stuff. The jig u mention i saw only a few left. And no! it's not worth a 30 min drive down here, that way Ill have no competition from you loading up my van...hehehe...:D
I finally made it to the store in Westover. That place is hard to find. It took me 45 minutes to find it. No wonder they are going out of business.

I did wipe them out of spro abalone jigs and all owner mutu and super mutu hooks. I had to dig and dig under all the owner products, as someone had them hidden under the back of the rack. Who ever did that wasted their time. I found all of them. About 60 packs. Hooks were 40% off.

I didn't buy any of the owner gorilla live bait hooks as they have to many. I will wait another two weeks for another 20-30% off. Those were the only decent hooks they had besides bass stuff. The only line is 300 yard spools. Thats not going to cut it for me. They did have some 3 pounds of Ande clear, but I don't fish Ande anymore.

I also dug around and found some 220 to 500 lb ball bearing swivels hidden. I cleaned them out. They still have about 100 spro bucktail jigs up to 4 ounces, as I only bought about 10. They are great bucktail jigs. I will wait for further discount as most people in this town are bass fisherman. I did pick up all diamond jigs in stock along with many Hopkins hammered jigs. I will buy the rest of Hopkins on next trip as markdowns happen.

I also bought about 12 boxes of Weatherby shells in various calibers. Good buy as they are never on sale.
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I went there today, when I went to the reel bar to have a price check done I saw some
"10 dollars off if you purchase 50 dollars coupons"
I asked a worker there if they would be honored and he said yes...
I spent alittle more but I got the 10 bucks off....
Has anyone been to Sportsmans warehouse lately? Are there bigger discounts? Thirty minute one way drive for me. :mad:
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