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Sport fishing in Cancun, is it good?

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I'll be going to Cancun next Month (May) is there good fishing over there? What species?
Tackle recommendations?

I'll appreciate the feedback,
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look up Roberto Navarro and JLC Fishing on facebook, they run ~1hr south of Cancun(Puerto Aventuras) and focus on jigging/popping -- catch lots of AJs, Jack Crevalle, blackfin tuna, groupers, bottom fish etc

else most others are going to troll and do mediocre on your standard pelagics
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good variety during springbreak. Big poppers a must.
Thanks, good to know, I’ll contact this people. And yes I would prefer doing poppers, stickbaits and jigging instead of just trolling. I plan on bringing my own gear, last times I travelled and fished didn’t like using the rental setups besides I use mostly spinners and rentals are usually old penn or tdl conventional reels. Not my favorite.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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