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  1. papio

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    What is the correct or proper way to load line on a spinning reel? For many years I followed the Mitchell/Garcia direction where the line feeds off the supply spool in the same direction the bail is rotating.

    In several books, authors/experts states proper spooling method is line slipping off supply spool counter-clock wise or opposite direction of the bail rotation. Other experts recommends the Mitchell/Garcia way.

    I load my spools either way depending on my mood and I never really paid much attention which way causes more line twist. Am curious to know which way most of you jigging and popping enthusiast load your spinning reels.
  2. kidflex

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    screwdriver through spool. both feet applying pressure, spool on a towel on the ground. and start cranking. i put enough pressure to melt the sides of the spool. kind of a primitive way but simple and effective. only with mono do i pay attention to which way the line comes off the spool. no problems with braid

  3. SkeeterRonnie

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    for spinning reel with braid.. i do what kidflex does.

    for mono- I lay the spool flat on the ground and start winding while applying some pressure with my fingers up the rod blank a little ways. After about 10-15 winds of the handle- i lower the rod tip to put slack in the line... if you are doing it wrong- the line will immediately foul up and twist up bad. if you are doing it right- the line will relax and maybe have A curl or 2 in it....

    if you find yourself with a spool full of twisted line- you can let it out behind the boat at slow speeds with nothing on the end of the line... then reel it in- it will take the twists out.
  4. Fishhead56

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    Exactly as Skeeter says.
    But also add, if strechting line in saltwater and expect to keep the line on the reel for a while. Use a small rag\towel soaked in fresh water and lay it above the 1st guide around the line while winding in to help clean the line.
    Of course same can be done after long amounts of line has been pulled from spinner while under drag. As that adds twist also.