Spooling a Talica 50-Marlin Fishing

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Sabalo1964, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Sabalo1964

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    Im going to buy a couple because they are light weight and a breeze to handle. Im a bit concerned about the capacity compared to a 50wide. I like 130 hollow braid on my 50wides-1200 yards plus topshot, but am concerned on the Talicas.Im thinking about stacking the braid-300 yards of 60-80lb yellow hollow and then 650 yards of spliced in 130lb. Shorten my topshot from 150 yards to 75 yards so I increase capacity. When I hit the yellow its panic and chase time.

    I have yet to hook a marlin I cant catch in a CC boat but one day the grander might arrive.
    Does anyone else stack braid for safety?
    Should be a great Superbowl
  2. cchris

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    Maybe this video will help a little bit. A fishing tv show in which they talk a bit about Trolling gear and talica 50 and how he likes to spool them

  3. mitchman

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    I would be very worried about dropping down to as light as 60-80lb braid with 100yd topshot + 600 yds of 130lb out especially considering the extra drag from line sag and considering as you get closer to the bottom of the spool your drag will increase and increase likelihood of a breakoff. How much backing to do you really need on the Tac50?
  4. Kim

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    I spooled mine with PPHC #80 which has an ABS about #120, some I have top shots of #80 and some with #100 depending on what's being targeted. I'm a L/L junkie so changing out top shots is a snap. Best advice I can give you is get the braid put on with a line winding machine with #10 or so of tension on it, you want it packed tight on the reel spool.