Spool / Drag question for Daiwa Saltiga

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Enoch, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Enoch

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    Hi all.

    Another question regarding Daiwa reels. Except this one I bet has not been asked before (or for a while)
    So, I know and have confirmed that If you own a Saltiga 5000, 6000, 6500 size reel you can swap corresponding spools with each body.

    I have confirmed that you can swap your Saltiga spool onto the NEW Saltist body in similar size.

    With that being said, does that increase the max drag capabilities for the reel you decide to use depending on the spool you have on the body?

    I.e. Can I take my Saltiga spool and place it on the Saltist and then get 66lbs of drag?


  2. ichibahn

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    You get the same drag capacity from the spool but you will damaged internal mechanism inside the reel.
    As the reel does not design to take that much pressure from the swap spool.

    It's like putting the Honda Ridgeline truck engine on the Honda Civic transmission....:p

  3. pametfisher

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    With that being said, does that increase the max drag capabilities for the reel you decide to use depending on the spool you have on the body?

    I.e. Can I take my Saltiga spool and place it on the Saltist and then get 66lbs of drag?

    At 66 lbs. drag, the Bail Arm roller would have to be able to withstand about 100 lbs. of load as the line goes over the roller. So I'm not sure that you'd want to use that much drag on either reel.

    I've tested a few dozen spinning reel drags this year while I've set reels up to use wind-on leaders. Those tests indicate to me that spinning reel Max Drag specs are for an empty spool when the spool diameter is small.

    The Saltiga spool has top mounted drag washers which are small in diameter. This means that there aren't many places for the heat to go. So if you're after small or slow moving fish, fine. However, a fast fish like a BFT, would produce a lot of heat in the drag stack. I like reels that include bottom mounted washers for that kind of fish.

    A good full-spool MAX DRAG number to be thinking about for this reel would be in the 25-30 lb. range. BTW, that's what my Stella 20Ks produce without over-torquing the drag cap. 25 lbs. is fine in my experience since the drag builds quickly when the fish goes on a long run.
  4. hamptonsurf

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    Try hanging onto a spinning rod if a fish is pulling 60lbs of drag....I'f you can do it, you are nasty. Heck, try doing it with 40!!
  5. Enoch

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    I have been following your thread on shimano's drag claim for the stella 20k.

    I'm not trying to put 66lb's of drag while fishing. I'm just hypothicating technicalities when it comes to daiwa's claim of 66lbs in their saltiga line reels.
    Perhaps there will be a increase in avaliable drag when swapping to the saltiga spool, I'd have to examine that possiblility (or someone else can).

    btw, nice avatar...

    Ichiban - Since the saltist can claim 33lbs of pressure, then there probably wouldn't be a use for the swap anyhow. I fish 17.5lbs (max pull off spool by my one hand) to 25lbs for bft.

    hamptonsurf - Yes, nobody would be using 66lbs of drag including me.

  6. Sergio E

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    Enoch... A few days ago I fished with my Saltiga Z6000GT using the spool of a Saltist 6000H. I casted a few times and landed a nice sized toro from shore with it. I was just a bit short of hooking a rooster with the hybrid reel but I had to leave too soon the fishing grounds.

    Fighting the toro (which is a hard fighting fish) I can say that using the wider diameter spool of the Saltist on the Saltiga will result in line going out against the drag pulling with less force with the drag knob tightened the same amount.

    This should not surprise us because as the diameter of the spool gets smaller, the force needed to pull out line without adjusting the drag knob is always greater.

    Using the wider Saltist H spool, I had to really crank down on that knob (more than when using the smaller GT spool) to get the spool locked for me to be able to cast the 4 oz lure without line slipping out during the cast.

    I do think that you can fit the smaller spool of the GT on your Saltist and "get" more drag but I would not do it because the Saltist is IMO not built to handle the same amount of drag than the Saltiga.

    By the way, the Saltist was used to catch a good amount of toro and gallo without any of the problems reported in other forums. The line roller is noisier but that is inherent in its design IMO. We will have to see until 100 gallos are caught on it to tell if it can handle the job. I do have to say that the Saltist is not the best choice if your target is GT or larger tuna.

    I also did not see any casting advantages using the wider spool, but that is another story.