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  1. Fishhead56

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    Last week I was in the need for a set of Split ring Pliers\Pryers, as I had left
    my regular ones in TX and was wanting to rig some Jigs while out of town.

    My origional sets were from a mfg that I don't recall at I price that I also don't
    recall. But they where not the anodized Alum. ultra quality type. My origional
    ones that I have had in the past seemed a bit wide (side by side) which
    distorted some of the rings I was working with.

    I was looking for a throw down pair to just use for a while. I vistied a small
    private tackle\rod building shop in Windsor Ct, He had a set I could usE in his shop but none for sale. (Nice shop & friendly owner) Then off to a Big Cabellas
    in Hartford where I found for $18.99 the WORLDS BEST SPLIT RING PRYERS.
    as the package said. I was really looking for a set of $5.99 throw downs.
    Oh well picked these up with some other stuff. And on the way to a Chicken Wing place where they have white and orange uniforms :D I found a Dicks Sporting Goods store. Which I had learned from other trips outside of TX they
    are kind of like an Acdamey store. There I found a combo split ring pryer and braid cutter with a fiber case for $6.99. Made by Eagle Claw. I picked them up also. I've tried out the EC ones for cutting braid and on split rings.
    The ring jaws are not wide and opened 200lb rings well and cut 65lb Jerry Brown Hollow in one try.

    I like these pliers\pryers and recomend them as for use as an on board tackle
    box tool or a travel tool. I plan to pick up a few more.

    I have not tried my World Best brand yet and might not.
    I might return them or save them unused since as the Worlds best brand they
    might become collectables and make me rich some day.:rolleyes:

    In short Eagle Claw Lazer ring tool seemed like a good value.


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  2. JerseyBrian

    JerseyBrian Senior Member

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Gunsmoke

    Gunsmoke Guest

    This reminds me of a time in Panama. There was a deckhand onboard that I nicknamed "Split Ring Mouth". He used his teeth or lack of teeth for everything. He thought his mouth was a tool chest.:eek: That guy could do anything with his mouth, including talking. He wouldn't shut up unless he had something in his mouth.

    SRM was missing about half of his teeth. No doubt, from using them as a vise, straighten out hooks, opening up split rings, cutting mono, and anything you could imagine. He put everything in his mouth. I first noticed him carrying the rods in his mouth to the boat. Then he held the mooring ropes in his jaws as he untied the boat from the slip. After we left the dock, he was using his teeth like a beaver to rig up some split tail baits.
    He would chew real fast along the belly to open up the bait. I was just sitting there watching the guy in shock as he ate the guts for breakfast. :eek:

    If you asked SRM for a beer, he would open up the ring tab with his teeth instead of his hands. You had to watch out as he drooled at lot. :mad: I even saw him put out the outrigger lines with his mouth and head. He had the rod in his hands and would slide his head up and down like a ratchet until the line was high in the outrigger. If we caught a dolphin or Hoo he would always have that old bloody gaff in his mouth waiting for the fish to get closer. He liked using a huge split ring on the end of the lines. He used it as a stop so the line wouldn't go inside the top roller.

    Each time SRM changed baits or lures, he'd put that big split ring in his mouth and open it up. He would twist the ring around with his hands. I saw him do this at least fifty times. His gums were always bleeding. He'd try to spit outside the cockpit but sometimes he drooled it on the deck. After spending all day with SRM, I finally went up on the flying bridge to talk to the Capt. I was going to make a comment about SRM when he opened up his mouth to talk. There was no doubt where SRM got his habits. The Capt only had about three teeth left and was using them to hold onto the fishing flags as he steered. :D

    I decided not to press the teeth thing with the Capt. and went back down the ladder to watch SRM hold the hose in his mouth to rinse off the tackle and boat. When we arrived at the dock, I didn't really want to watch him clean the fish that we were going to eat that night. I will tell you that I gargled straight scotch before each bite.:D :D :D :D
  4. fishr1989

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    I have a pair of the smaller Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers and could say with complete confidence that they are the best pair I have ever used. I can't vouch for the large pair, I haven't used them, but will say if you're really in a jam, you can use them to cut mono with the ring opening point.
  5. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    a guy named Daryll owns Texas Tackle. his products are very nice. hes an average guy just trying to make a living. Hes also a friend.
  6. day0ne

    day0ne Senior Member

    I also will vouch for the small Texas Tackle pliers. I threw away three other pair after using them I have used them on split rings way too big for them. I guess I need one of the large pair.
  7. JerseyBrian

    JerseyBrian Senior Member

    For small split rings, I haven't had anything bad to say about my $5 Calcutta split ring pliers, but they can't open large split rings.
  8. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Thanks for the feed back on the TT Pryers.
    As I stated mine are still in the package.
    Good to see a TX product all the way over in
    the Eastern USA. By the praise it apperars these don't
    need to be used as throw downs as I intend to use
    the EC Pryers for.

    SRM..... priceless, :eek:

    I know my teeth can not open a beer bottle all though
    I've seen done by some men and women that hang out
    in those open air Grass roofed establishments close
    to the docks and cheap motels...............

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