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  1. Sea Bear

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    Just wondering, why is it on most popping rods it seems the first "stripper" guide is situated in the opposite direction from the remainder of the guides on the rod? I figure there must be some rationale but I can't think of one. :confused:
  2. Billy 40

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    Slap on the frame

  3. chf1949

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    decreases possibilty of line loops coming off the spool from hanging up on the first guide.
  4. Jason4606

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    A picture is worth 1000 words! And there's a great sketch of this in the Fuji "New Concept" brochure. I have a PDF copy of the page. But the description is Japanese, and I don't know how to post a PDF. If you send your email I'll send it to you.

    But like others above have basically said...

    If you'll notice, the Fuji new concept guides have double "sloped" legs and a single "straight" leg. (most other mfgs do this now too;)) The stripper is reversed to allow the smooth slope of the double legs to direct any line that overshoots the guide back over and through the guide. If it's turned around (with the slope torward the reel) the extra line that overshoots the stripper has a better chance of catching on the straight guide leg and knotting up.

    Clear as mud? ;)

  5. hamptonsurf

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    Once it is on track through the stripper guide, you have nothing else to worry about until the tip....unless your knots are as streamlined as mine (don't I wish)