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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by SkeeterRonnie, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. SkeeterRonnie

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    I have decided I like the spinning reel for jigging better than the conventional syle. Less to worry about as far as how the line lays, or how fast the line line is coming off.. I like the ~0% resistance factor on how fast the line comes off the spool- means the lure gets down faster in the strike zone.

    What is a good reel for a 400gram spinning application. an 8000 series reel is light, but line capacity worries me. maybe a 10000 stella with a 20000 spool?? but I thing the gear ratios on those lighter ones are 4:1??

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeed Help from experienced people.:cool:
  2. ksong

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    I have decided I like the spinning reel for jigging better than the conventional syle. Less to worry about as far as how the line lays, or how fast the line line is coming off.. I like the ~0% resistance factor on how fast the line comes off the spool- means the lure gets down faster in the strike zone.

    If you decide spinning reels for the reasons you mentioned, you got to reconsider as those reasons are irrelevant and not true. :)
    The line lays is not issue at all for experienced conventional reel users.
    Check out on your next trip whether there is any significant differences who get down to the bottom first between spinning reel and conventional reel.

    Don't forget you can detect slight bump by fish when dropping your jigs when using conventional reels while it is not easy with spinning reels. :)

  3. papio

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    I concur with you Ronnie. I jig both styles and enjoy both but I do much more, prefer spinning to conventional in general to include all applications.

    My two main reasons I prefer spinning for verticle jigging. No worries for bird nest and spinning is simply more challenging and finessing fun.

    I don't fish as much as I'd like to where I would need high end reels like the Stellas or Saltigas. I currently use an upgraded Spheros 12000 and 14000 to fling 400g jigs. And I use a Saltist 40 for my conventional jigging set.
  4. bulllred

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    Look at the Quantum Cabo CSP80pts. I have a Saltiga and just purchase the Cabo as a back up. For less than $200, so far I like the Cabo.
  5. lite-liner

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    Hey Ronnie, after you choose, LMK what you think. Ain't buyin a
    Stella. no way I'm payin that $$ for a spinner!
    still, I've got it narrowed down to Fin-Nor 8500 or Cabo 60
    but the Cabo would require a drag upgrade before tuna jigging
    Heck I may get another Penn 8500ssm, but I'm not putting more than $300 into it, regardless.
    Keep in touch
  6. MrBill

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    I also told myself I would never, ever buy a spinning reel over $200. After burning up about a dozen low budget ones, I finally saw the light. Buying one good one will end your problems with upgrades that the cheaper version can't handle. A Stella, saltiga, or twinspin will last a lifetime.

    If you still want to be a cheapskate, their is an inexpensive spinner on the market that never gets any credit. Of all the low priced spinners I bought in my life this particular series of spinners did the best for me before I started buying the premium ones. I've never read one thing in the last year on any board about these reels. They have been around for a long time without any major changes. My first YFT on a spinner was caught on this reel.

    Just wear it out, throw it away and buy another one. They also cost less than the fin-nor and the cabo which have been getting horrible reports on this and other boards. Does anyone know which spinning reel I'm talking about? I'll give you a hint. They have been on the market for twenty years and are still being produced today without any changes as far as I can tell. It is one of the company's best seller's each year.

    "BG". That's right, the Black/Gold series from Daiwa. They are under a hundred bucks and worth every cent. If I was still a cheapskate, I would continue to buy the BG series of reels.
  7. Deep_Sea_Gull

    Deep_Sea_Gull Lifetime Supporting Members

    Good point MrBill.

    Did you also change over the line onto the new Diawa???

    A quality reel (or anything for that matter) is an investment for long term use. It ages and depreciates, but the value does not decrease to junk.

    I leave the Yugos and such for the folks with more money than me to sort through. My spinner money is with the Stella, Saltiga and twinspins.
  8. ahistick

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    Like SkeeterRonnie, I'm in search of a sub $200 spinning reel. Primarily, I'm keeping it to that level due to the amount I actually fish these days--I don't go fishing enough to warrant a more expensive reel.

    With that being said, I would also like to make sure whatever I buy will hold up. I primarily will be using the reel for fishing off Baja Mexico or off San Diego for tuna under 50lbs, yellowtail, mahi mahi, etc.

    I've actually narrowed my choices to the Shimano Biomaster 8000PG (Top of the line Stella, Twinpower, then Biomaster). It has a max drag of 13 kgs and has a few less bearings that the Twinpower. It does fit my budget. While the US lines have the Stella/Sustain/Stradic, the Biomaster is closer to the Sustain in terms of its features without the price tag. The one drawback is that Shimano Japanese Domestic reel warranties aren't covered by Shimano US and parts may be problematic. :mad:

    Any other input or choices would be also be appreciated; Thanks.
  9. gman

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    The Quantum Cabo or Boca spinner reels are awesome for the money. Almost alll of Reel Peace charters in Venice use the Bocas. Smooth drag and ver wel made
  10. SkeeterRonnie

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    thanks for all the input guys. I use spinning reeels about everytime I fish freshwater, so I have become accustomed to the way the line comes off and how to watch for the subtle bites. You can tell an experienced spinning reel user by where they position their hands by the reel/bail areas. I can flip the bail at the slightest hint of a strike and have the fish hooked before he can spit out the lure. I spent a LOT of time working/learning spinning reels when bass fishing became so pressurized. I know its not the same, but the same techniques of reel handling are used.

    With that being said... I dont mind spending the bigger bucks if the quality is that much better..I have the contacts in Japan- are the reels that much less expensive when bought over there. I never have really researched that aspect. Our parent company is based in Japan. Our huge containers of several skids of roller-style chain could have a few reels stuck in them....lol.

    If all else fails I will go back with a SPheros 14000FA- cant beat that reel for the money (once you do the $8 drag upgrade)
  11. gman

    gman Senior Member

    I got comfortable real quick ona spinner. I have always used conventional but I have used my new spinning set up jigging several times already and love it. I feel more comfortable jigging with it. Now granted I havent tied into a big boy yet but I think it will hold its own. Im not a pro spinner guy so I know squat about hand positioning LOL

    Smith AMJ 52ex witha stella 20k, I need alonger rod though for partyboat jigging as this one is only 5' so Im having one made soon.
  12. papio

    papio Senior Member

    Hey gman,

    How much longer of a jigging rod u need? I use a 5'5" Tuna Mania and do pretty good on party boats. You fishing on very large party boats?

    Just curious why the need for a longer rod. I myself will be ordering a shorter jig stick (spin) to power them AJs and Grouper out of the rigs.
  13. gman

    gman Senior Member

    The party boats up here in the Northeast have very tall rails therefore I believe I would need a longer stick, I think the biggest issue I would encounter is when the tuna start the death spiral under the boat. In the later months the big bluefin move in 150-300lb fish so that will be a test in rough seas. I have only used the rod on private boats so ths is all speculation
  14. papio

    papio Senior Member

    Okay I see your point. Good luck on the water. Hopefully I'll be lucky and catch a Bluefin that strays in Texas waters.
  15. gman

    gman Senior Member

    somone caught a 1100 lb bluefin in the gulf 2 or 3 years ago. You just never know LOL
  16. mcgolfer

    mcgolfer Guest

    somone caught a 1100 lb bluefin in the gulf 2 or 3 years ago. You just never know LOL

    that tuna wasn't caught on spinning gear...lol.....rick
  17. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    I got my spinning setup for jigging last year before the GEM trip and love it!!! It's a Stella 8K on a 250-400G Dragonfly rod. I was able to get a bit of a discount on the Stella buy shopping Ebay for a couple weeks, cost about $480 I think. The reel held about 330-350 yards of JB 60 solid. I've only caught a few bft on it so no real test yet but it's very light and east to fish. Can't wait to hook a good fish with it to see how it does.
  18. Pescador

    Pescador Member

    I've got a jigging friend who always used a Diawa BG90 with 80lb spectra, he took AJs to over 50kgs on it, but the last one (58+) finished the reel for good.
    I've used and abused Penn 6500SS and had many, many, fish up to 40kgs, it required plenty of maintenance but held up well to most of what I hung on it.

    However times and opinions change, and we now both use Diawa Saltiga 6500Expeditions.

    I totally agree with SkeeterRonnie.
    As you drop down, keep the rod at a low angle and watch the line where it enters the water, develop the 'educated flip' and any change in the line entry and 'flip' your in!
  19. SkeeterRonnie

    SkeeterRonnie Senior Member

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! dont let too many people in on it... LOL!! the jig will fall faster at a more "normal" look to it.... hehe. i find it easier to "flip" the bail, rather than reach over and engage the strike lever..... thanks for the input. I will start doing more research on pricing on 6500-8000 size reels.