Spinning Reel fishing harness ???

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    Can anyone recommend for my wife a spinning reel strap that I can connect to some type of harness. My wife says her arms tire when fighting bigger fish and could use some help during this time. Perhaps a shoulder harness ?

    Thanks, Gerry
  2. day0ne

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    Google "spinning reel harness" and click "images for spinning reel harness". This will lead to a whole bunch of ideas. Aftco and others makes a strap, Reel Colors makes a clamp on ring, etc. These all use a standard harness. My personal favorite is the one using a stainless shackle.

  3. scubaarchery

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    I use a black magic harness and I believe they make a strap.
  4. Kim

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    I use both both the Reel Colors rod rings and the aftco strap, I like the rod rings better and they work great with the Maxforce shoulder harness and your favorite gut bucket. Depending on what reel you have if you don't ant marks on the reel foot a layer or two of adhesive tape helps.


    testrodring_011-751x504-600x402.jpg SPINSTRAP1_grande.jpg
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    Braid makes one like the aftco above. I think they are easy to find, at least they used to be.
  6. CDB

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    DONT USE THE AFTCO! I had one and it parted the first time I used it. The stitching failed and I almost lost my Saltiga/Black Hole combo over the rail. I think they redesigned it since then, but I still don't trust them.
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    Here’s the braid strap attached to a black magic belt. Not sure how good they are but the bluefin went 88” and around 370 lbs. Fight was much easier, if you want to call it that, with the strap. :)

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