Spheros 18000FB

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    Anybody know much about this reel? I thought I had it figured out to get the saragosa 18000f for $269 shipped until I just came across the spheros 18000fb for $159 shipped. From what I can gather the FB is an updated model. Anyone know what the difference is now between the saragosa and new spheros and is it worth $110? I am gonna go with new drag washers on either one so thats out of the equation. Thanks!

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    Email this guy he can tell you exactly. He is the Service Rep for Shimano.

    Dan Thorburn
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    i just bought one. its a lot larger spool that the 14000. i think everything else is about the same. i like the looks of it. not too heavy, but larger enough spool to tame a beast. i bought mine(new) for $135 off ebay... just do some searching and have patience on the bid wars ;)
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    It's really a wash. The Spheros has the same drag rating, but one less washer. The Saragosa has one more bearing ($15-$16), a much better handle (IMO) $72 from Shimano. The Spheros can be had at a discount on ebay ($135 + shipping) but deals on the Saragosa seem to be rare
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    This is the response from the shimano rep.

    "The Saragosa has our Paladin gearing which is a huge improvement in overall strength. The Saragosa also has a machined handle for added strength. The addition of a Titanium coated spool lip helps reduce friction and improve performance with braided line.

    Overall the Spheros is a great reel and will handle almost everything you can throw at it. The Saragosa is just a little more refined with some additional features to make it a higher end reel."

    I went with the saragosa.