Spheros 12000 FA

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by barbwire, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. barbwire

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    I am thinking about one of these as a jigging/ popping reel and was wondering if this thing is gonna have the marbles to do the job. I am on a tight budget right now and it makes buying good tackle tough. Also if you were limited to just one setup either a jigging setup or a popping set up which would you be more inclined to take on a 2 night trip? Could you get away with a dual purpose rod?
  2. bdfishguy

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    With lots of tight budgets out there it would be great to find an all in one setup. A goto jigging/popping rod reel combo. I'm in the same boat. Trying not to spend a fortune but might have to...Love the stellas but am having trouble justifying the cost. The OTI rods are awesome! Having trouble deciding which way to go myself.

  3. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    You can either compromise and get an inexpensive set up that will do both but neither remarkably well...
    Or you can get a set up that will do one better than the other...
    Or you can choose one that is pretty good at just one...

    I love top water myself. I would try to buy quality the first time.

    A boat rod 4/0 will jig for ya if ya wanna. It won't cast well.

    More trips n less tackle...
  4. gman

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    someone caught a 300 pound yellowfin on one last month
  5. gman

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    More trips n less tackle...

    best advice ever, all the best gear gets you nothing if you can get out on the water
  6. spineyman

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    I use a Spheros and it has served me well. I have caught ajs and grouper on it with no problem. If that was all I could afford I would not hesitate 1 iota. I would buy it again.
  7. SkeeterRonnie

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  8. barbwire

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    I got a penn 4/0 on a el cheapo Ugly stick tiger that I have been using to jig with but I have not caught anything real big on it. I think the biggest fish I have caught with it was a 39" ling that gave it a pretty good workout and some assorted snappers up to 10#. It will continue to do jig duty for a couple more trips till I can upgrade. I am not sure what my budget will be for a popping rod but I am hoping to be able to have $600 or so to spend on the combo. Just trying to lowball it now in case my budget isn't up to par.
  9. sharpshooter

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    i picked up a spheros 1400fa from Roys in corpus last week for $110. it was the last 1400, but i think they still have a 1200 and 8000. they just got in some OTI popping rods too! i grabbed a a 7'6" 80lb for under $300. a quick call to Smooth drag and im in buisiness for about $450.
  10. jig

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    tackle direct has the 12000fa for $99 now. It has the alum roter like the 14000. ungrade the drags to carbontex for $10. It will have the marbles. You could then get two rods, one for jigging and one for popping and switch until you got a jigging reel. If you want a great jigging reel now, get a used newell 533-5 used on ebay. You can get both outfits, 2 rods and 2 reels, if you shop right for around $300.

    But, you cannot overfish it. I would think your line capacity could be an issue on a big YF.
  11. ToneyC

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    A spheros with carbon drags is a good reel. You won't be disappointed.