Spearfishing in the Bay

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    What's up Fam! Let me tell you about my latest spearfishing trip. So me and Ben right, we went out to the bay and started shooting his speargun up in the air (I know, crazy right?) and we saw a flock of geese flying by, so Ben said, "I'm gunna get me some of them!" and snatched the gun away and I started laughing. Then he aimed and shot towards them and actually hit one! It dropped out of the sky like a bowing ball. His dog dived in after it while he was preparing to shoot again and he got one last shot in before they were out of reach of the line, but he hit two and one went right through the wing. We got all three in, thanks to Buster (his dog) and made dinner. No joke.

    - Some Random Guy
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    Who the hell is Ben? [emoji1]

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    Character whose development is in progress.
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