Southern California Party Boat HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by red34, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. red34

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    I need help choosing an overnight party boat trip in Southern California in the middle of August. (Sat 9th-Sun 10th) I have looked at Dana Wharf in Dana Point and a few out of Newport Beach.

    Dana Point is really as far south as I’d like to go due to the fact that I’m staying in Pasadena and don’t want to go all the way to San Diego. Plus the Dana Point trip is $150 and the San Diego trips seem to be a lot more $$$.

    Please give me some suggestions on what boat to go on and what tackle to bring.

  2. getsome

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    The Seahorse, which is the overnight boat out of Dana Wharf is a great boat.
    The owner/captain Tyler and his crew are all hardcore fishermen.
    The boat is limited load (I think 22-26 anglers) and if fishes well.
    Good luck with whichever boat you choose!

  3. jureal

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    Well, Dana Point to San Diego is about an hours drive. Boats out of SD are lots more money but that is because they travel so much further to find the fish. Right now, the tuna are about 90 miles south of SD and it takes a 1.5 dayer to reach them and get back. However, the fishing is not very good right now but who knows in August? Check out the landings reports and see if they are catching what you want. For me, the drive to SD is well worth the hour extra drive. JMHO
  4. Pope

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    Jureal is right. You better hit the fleet that is into the fish. It doesn't do any good to stay north if the fish are south. The fish may be in your zone by the date you want to go. You may even have fish in Morro Bay by then. Good luck.
  5. red34

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    They’ve all told me on the phone that they’re really not into the bigger game fish just yet, but that all changes around August. They said around then they start getting the yellowtail, barracuda, and albacore, but that I should call a week or so before to make sure.

    If that’s the case, what terminal equipment would yall suggest taking along? Please remember…I will be there on business, so I’m very limited in what I can take along.