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Hi all, this is my first post, having just joined. I'm based in the UK, but have fished various locations around the US and globally over the last 25 years. I have been learning huge amounts from your threads having caught the Tuna bug after an unprecedented run of Bluefin here off the SouthWest coast of the UK late last year. I caught 2 in one day, around 200/230lb and 325/350lb on standup gear, chunking/livebaiting. We can't keep any Bluefin here unless dead at the boatside. Anyhow, I am now addicted, and looking for a rematch this autumn.....

But, initially, my question is not Tuna specific.
I have 9 days early August on the East coast after a week in Orlando with my kids. My thinking was to run up the coast towards South Carolina, for a combined beach/family/fishing trip.

I've read mixed reports on fishing SC in August, from "don't bother", fish bite is poor due to the high surface temps, to that "it's the best month for King Mackerel...?"

Any thoughts? I'm looking to get 3 days or so out with a good skipper after some pelagics with my kids, (reasonably experienced anglers). I don't want to be a passenger in a fighting chair, trolling for hours for barracuda..... ;) but rather fishing lighter tackle stand-up, jigging, livebaiting and learning a bunch of new skills.....

Thanks for any help you can give me, and keep up the great work, the insights you provide are really useful....

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