South African Surface Plugs

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    I've been browsing the US websites and have not found anything that resembles our most succesfull surface plugs. These chisel-nosed 'perspex' plugs have caught Yellowfin, Albacore, Yellowtail, Dorado and GT's. Very simple in design and construction and VERY effective.

    With todays rising prices, these very in-expensive lures work exceedingly well, for their price!!


    Also check:
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    hey we all know, fancy lures catch more fisherman than fish :)

    what kind of hardware is on those lures (hooks, rings, etc)?

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    I just tried to order some, but they have no pricing or way to order. I filled out the form. Hopefully I will hear from them.

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    Those are designed primarily for yellowtail, which are in the 10-20lb class. I have taken YF up to 150lb's on them, when one accidently grabs the lure. We're normally fishing 20-30lb mono, so you can't put much pressure on them. They're made of teflon, with lead added in the rear for casting weight. Many of the anglers fishing off the ledges also LOVE them, as they can be cast a fair ways out, survive being bashed against the rocks and the yellowtail, which is our primary inshore gamefish, LOVE them!! Costs US$2.00 to US$3.00 per lure!

    The link below the photo shows the Aubrey Da Gama plugs, which actually SLIDE on the line, so you can pretty much affix what-ever terminal tackle to it. These are HUGELY popular for the guys who travel in Africa and target moster GT's.
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    Once jigging and popping is exposed more over there I believe many fisherman will take it up. It takes patience for jigging and popping. Once people see they fish can actually be caught doing so it will drive more interest.