Some of my sons fishing pics.

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    I know this is a saltwater forum but he will be there very soon, and has already fished from piers and jettys. I usually dont post pics of my son online but i am very proud of him. I fear the day when he's telling me how to do it. He already gets upset when he has to use a pole other than the trusty spiderman. :D

    Him with "a perfect bait" on Dania Beach pier in Fla. caught on shrimp

    Some more from a shrimp tipped sabiki at the Pier.

    His first perch

    In Port A fishin for piggies and feedin pelicans


    Another perch

    His first Bass caught all by himself on his spiderman pole and spinnerbait.

    Workin some large perch

    Happy Dude

    Another Largemouth on the spiderman/spinnerbait combo

    A drum he caught camping at the Brazos.

    His biggest bass again on the spiderman combo.

    My favorite fishing picture of him at the brazos.

    Another Bass

    his first catfish

    His first striper caught at lake quatchata, Ark last week 11#s

    He caught three 11#s, 9#s, 8# i caught the smallest.
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    those are great pics jared - show them to him in 20 years!

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    thats awesome! way to go Jared and son!!!! I like seeing pics like this! this is what its all about!!
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    great pics Jared.. Andrew will be outfishing us all in no time..
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    Is this a Perch ?

    We call them sunfish here in MA ... a true perch is longer and more slender. Could be a regional name ....

    Anyway ... thanks for sharing those photos of your son !!! You should be very proud of him.
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    Save and remember those in your heart, he's quite the boy too soon to be a man.
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    I really have enjoyed fishing with my son over the years watching him develop into a very good fisherman. Making memories is what it's all about. He is almost 19 now and we have been fishing together since he was able to walk.