Some Bluefin we caught in Sept 2005

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    These were our first Bluefin Tuna that we caught 25nm West of Gozo, an island North of Malta. It was the first time we ventured in that area and that far out, previous trips were say 12nm max. It was right at the begining of September, first weekend and the weather turned out to be excellent. We were orginally going out for small Dorado but eventually came across around 20 separate large shoals of a few hundred Bluefin per shoal in a feeding fenzy. We reckon there were 40kgs ones down there but we landed four ranging from 12-15kgs, lost one right near the boat, lost another to inadequate tackle.

    The highlight of this trip was a 90-120 mins retreival where we drited 3-4nm. After hooking into the first fish which felt big (Rod was a 30-50 and Reel was a 30/50 Lineaffee that fell apart!), spooled with 50lbs mono, the guy on the rod Simon was being overly cautious with the drag however around 40mins into it the reel went ballastic and we thought a shark had taken the Tuna. Eventually it calmed down and the equipment was being really stretched. When we eventually came to gaff we found two fish, for a combined weight of around 65lbs. One on the lure and the other with the line looped around the tail fin!! The mono had dug right down onto the bone.

    Everyone on the trip has their own theory. I reckon the first fish got snagged and during his fight with the lure swining about the second tuna went for it!

    Reel damage turned out to be the clicker which came undone and fell off and, the small screw falling in to where the gears are. I dont think you get them in the US but avoid Lineaeffe.

    Needless to say that winter we geared up big time and have not seen that kind of concentration of bluefin feeding on the surface since. SODS LAW!

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    Nice. Are the seas generally that nice?

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    cool report! Thanks for posting your location.. I had to pull out the world atlas to see exactly where yo u were fishing.. Glad to see others around the globe have the same passion for tuna fishing.. keep the reports coming...
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    Nice. Are the seas generally that nice?

    Water clarity is always like that right up to the beach in fact last year it was abnormally clear. We dont have the same issue of having to go offshore before reaching bluewater.

    In terms of sea state, it varies from a Force 2 to a 3 from June up to mid-September and than varies between an established Force 3 gusting 4 till mid November when the bad weather starts.

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    Great pics....and nice fish! Thanks