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Whats up guys, first off spending my time inbetween NJ and Texas, I really love this board as I get to taste two completely different styles of fishing. I have some questions for you regarding the BIG E.

Ive fished Party style boats here in the Northeast and been a long time offshore angler just trying to get my hands around the boat style and some gear as I am booking an upcomming trip

1. Gear check
1.either 665 2speed (spooled YGK PE6)on a jigging master 500 limited
2. Stella SW20000PG (spooled PE6) on an Smith 52ex spinning rod

-stella SW20000PG on a custom 7ft GUSA (can i use this model for popping or is it to slow?

Bait stick
1. same as jigging one
2. Alutecnos 50 (spooled 130JB, 100# top shot)on a Chaos 50-130 rod

From what I can tell you generally are fishing for sub 150# fish so I may not need to bring the 50 set up unless I do bottom fishing but I dont know what size groupers you catch down there although I had a warsaw off texas not to long ago and man do they pull. My 665 2 speed will handle any amberjack, snapper and tuna. Unsure about grouper

Also do they or are there any kids onboard. My 12 year old son is really a world class angler with yellowfin to 100lbs already, 65lb AJ's and big sharks and billfish. Tempers fly up here on party boats at night with line tangles etc but the fish are also bigger so I didnt know if they frown upon minors on board

As alsways I enjoy your responses, thanks in advance

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Your son would have a blast down here on the Big E. The deck hand will go out of there way for him .The tackle sounds right to me. I would look at getting some poppers from 360, TJ really know he's stuff and the man knows how to fish the GOM on the Big E. TJ told me once (The bigger the bait the bigger the fish)

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The crowds on the Big E longer trips are awesome and we had a few kids with us on one of the trips. Not a problem there at all. Your son should fit in fine and help put the hurt on some fish.

The 12 hr trips are a lot more packed with a bunch of inexperienced anglers all over the boat. Tempers sometimes flare but it really depends on the people on board. I've never seen anything serious happen except a few smartass comments being tossed back and forth. Still it's a nice way to get your line wet for a while.

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Hey gman!

You look set! The only thing you may consider is do bring the 50 just in case you run into some of the GOM's big AJ's! Recent trips have seen 80-90# AJs and you have to keep them from pulling ANY drag so that you keep them from cutting you off.

Your son will do fine and probably do a lot of teaching too! LOL

Good for you on taking him!
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