Solid braid wind on leader

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    A couple of things drove me to figure out how to tie a wind on leader with
    solid braid.
    1, I am not good at splicing hollow.
    2, I wind up with a lot of short spools of solid braid,
    3, I had the tools on hand from building Page Ranking knots.
    4. Although I may start a trip with a P. R. knot to leader.. While at sea and a leader needs to be replaced. I feel much better tying Bimini twist and adding a wind on
    5, The idea came to me .:eek:

    This is basically a version of the P. R. knot. I've been tying it for a little while and have made some adjustments as I thought would make it secure and dependable. I have now fished it several times without failure. So I thought I would share. I have not seen a leader built like this but I figure someone somewhere has done same or similar. I have tied this with 50 to 100 lb solid braids and 80 to 220 lb leader material.

    So in about 10 mins this is what I do.
    Add about 6 feet of braid to bobbin
    With lighter prep leader end same as for P. R
    Tie uni knot with braid to leader 6 inches from tag end , wrap braid around leader at about 1 wrap per inch.
    Add 2 half hitches about 3\8 inch from end of leader. Counter rotate uni and half hitches to insure braid is firm to leader.

    Make short 3 inch loop with braid and tie 2 half hitches against first set of half hitches and end of leader. This will leave about 1\4 inch of tag end on leader.
    Lay\wrap braid right next to first set of wraps. (I tried a cross or opposite wrap but that did not hold as well when load testing). Finish this direction of wrap with 1\2 inch of tight serve up against the uni. (This helps lock the uni in place)

    Make tight serve back to tag end same as you would with P. R. knot including on top of the half hitches just before the tag end..
    Tie a few half hitches( or uni) tightly on the remaining 1\4 inch of the tag end. This is now time to test the knot by pulling on leader and loop of course no slippage should occur. The next is a 2 or 3 layer finishing serve about 1/2 inch long on the loop to create a smother transition of loop and tag end for when leader is wound back through the eyes.
    Add a little glue to the uni and front serve, the half hitches and serve at the tag end and the layered serve on the loop.
    That’s about it.
    This most likely is not for many, just something I'm been doing and thought I would share.


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    looks good, thanks for the pics.

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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  4. John_Madison CT

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    If you can do that knot, you can splice Hollow Core. It's really easy. You just need a little practice and some patience, but it CAN be done by anyone.
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    I like it. What if you made the loop first, at around 6-8", then tied the first uni with double line, wraped the double line as shown, then tied second uni with doubled line, thus leaving loop past tag of mono? THen, with the main line on the bobbin, served all the way up to tag end of mono an finished with counter rotating uni? That would be a lot faster, but would it be as secure?
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    This most likely is not for many, just something I'm been doing and thought I would share.


    This is probably the most innovative knot connection I have seen all year. Its biggest application my be with the poppers, but I think it will still apply to jigging also.

    Whether I use it or not, I still think its great work and thank you for sharing.

    Today, you are the champion (As my friends in the orient say.)