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Soft jerkbaits for tuna

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I remember a while back a thread was started on soft jerkbaits for tuna.
I started thinking, because I already had a proven bait in mind.;)
I wanted to make a lure that was easy to rig, easy to lose, and had
superior action and versatility as it relates to the water column.
after a couple trial runs, here's what I came up with:

the bait is a 10" Fin-S-Fish. available @ BPS for $8/3-pak.
patterns available(w/ saltwater translations)
Blue shad (mackerel:D )
Arkansas shiner(pinfish:D )
Rainbow trout (dorado:D )
Rigging: 1 gamakatsu 7/0 live bait hook
4" section of 140# Malin wire (haywire twist-both ends)
1 owner 200# solid ring
1 .5oz sliding sinker (optional)
The blue bait is rigged w/ the sinker for sub surface & really adds to casting distance. sink rate on 65# braid is +/- 2fps
the trout-flavored rig weighs around 2.5 oz and cast well repeatedly
w/out damage or re-positioning of bait.
I have used this rig sucessfully for Stripers, but upgraded from 150# mono/ crimps to 140# wire for fish with teeth.
the action is unbeleivable!:cool:
I won't be able to test these until the TFF trip in the fall, so tell me what you think & if you want me to make up a few for a upcoming trip, just LMK
I need some real-world testing that's not just me. so yes your opinion matters
thanks & tight lines
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Brian if you want to make a couple for the trip on the scat cat next week I will give them a go. I have been wanting to get some "swim bait" or soft plastics to try. The ones I bought in the past are no where to be found now. All of the ones I see now, that are the right size, have thin hooks that would not hold up to tuna. Lemme know. I am sure a few others would try them also if they were available.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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