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So if I wanted to fish for BFT where should I go?

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I don't want a giant. I would like to catch a nice one and eat it. Any ideas?

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Anuvat said:
Cape cod. Now.
It will have to be next year. i want to plan a trip. I have too many trips now as it is. Any particular guide/captain I should go with?

Tagging along. I was thinking the same thing today. I am trying to make plans for next summer and will be in New Hampshire at some point in August and am looking for recommendations for a guide.
In the Cape, Dom Petrarca, Coastal Charters Sportfishing...

NC fishery is amazing if your not stuck on this particular time of year...
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As Aaron stated, its hard press to find better captains then Capt Dom and Capt Josh.
Thanks guys!
The "smoker", Oregon inlet NC in the spring is a great boat!
Cape cod. September and October. Nc November and December.
Thanks for bringing this up Jim.

Anybody have specific recommendations for NC?

Is it still good in January or February?
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