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has anyone seen any snakes this spring? luckily I havent, but my buddy was hunting sunday near weatherford. and killed one that had 16 buttons on his rattle. he said it never rattled, only hissed like an ole bullsnake.. That will give you the heebee gee bees just thinking about it..
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Great snake pictures. Strange for me to see a rattle snake without the diamonds on the back.
I really hate snakes. But I paid for all my books and some of collage by catching and selling them to a zooalogical supply house.
Once the zipper on my cheap sleeping bag stuck and the next mourning I woke up with one with most of his body on my leg.
The head was on the outside.
I jumped up about five feet in the air and grabed my older brothers sleeping bag and drug him for about 10 feet. He woke up thinking he was being carried away by a bear.
Wasn't funny at the time.
Hey mike. I am just poking fun, but you spell "collage", c o l l e g e.


Thats Ok Pope. I'm used to it. When I was about six I was ran over and almost killed by a car. It broke my neck and back. My legs too.
The school wouldn't let me back in because I was retarded. More to the point I was like dyslexic. I could read but couldn't do math on papper, only in my head. I could barley walk and the other kids beat me up and called me retard.
I'm still trying to grow out of it. Some of my friends know it takes me a while to do some stuff. But I did go to college and am a senior engineer in the SME, The composite mannufacturing engineers, and the Sound profing engineer societies.
Believe it or not I have had many pappers published, with heavy editing.LOL
But That's the reason I have been so disabled for the last few years. I had to have a bunch of my spine removed that was closing in on my nerve cord.
One of the reasons I fish light line.
Now if I can only finish my captains license. The navgation part is hard because I have to show it, not just write the answer. I don't know if I can take a calculator. :eek:
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No problem,I just didn't want you guys to think I am too dumb. College is just one of those words I have trouble with. I have to keep checking how you wrte it so i would get it right.
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