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has anyone seen any snakes this spring? luckily I havent, but my buddy was hunting sunday near weatherford. and killed one that had 16 buttons on his rattle. he said it never rattled, only hissed like an ole bullsnake.. That will give you the heebee gee bees just thinking about it..
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I have been catching snakes for a few weeks. I have been after western massasaugas. I also caught a speckled kingsnake for Blake two nights ago. It got cool again, but with the moon being darker next week and it getting warm again, the will be moving. I should have a lot of snakes by the end of next week. Blake loves his new one.


PM me if anyone has a special order :)
Hey mike. I am just poking fun, but you spell "collage", c o l l e g e.

Ronnie, I let the little guy go. Rough green snakes don't do well in captivity. That was fun though.
I don't know whether to apologize or laugh. Thanks Mike and keep making those bad to the bone lures!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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