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has anyone seen any snakes this spring? luckily I havent, but my buddy was hunting sunday near weatherford. and killed one that had 16 buttons on his rattle. he said it never rattled, only hissed like an ole bullsnake.. That will give you the heebee gee bees just thinking about it..
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found one in the bathroom a few hours ago.. it was HUGE!!!! I think it might have been a reticulated python!!! FULL GROWN!!! Then I realized it was just my pants were down and my snake had flopped out!! LMAO!!

Nothing abnormal in snake sightings yet.....
just got back from fishing the messquite ponds.... missed a couple blowups on a frog, caught one 1# bass... just doesnt compare to tuna...
HEY POPE!!! What about the lil green guy??? the one you caught at Benbrook?? LOL!!!
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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