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Snagged and a HUGE Mako

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I just got a call from Jerry....he's on his way in from an offshore trip on the Pelican out of Port Aransas. He said that they should be getting in close to 30 minutes from now.

He said that he caught between a 600-900 pound Mako Shark.

Get on the PortAnow.com webcam to check it out in a bit!
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So what time are they supposed to hit the dock??? I wanna see this..
The pelican just went by my house. They should be at the dock in 5 minutes.
Man, thats a big shark.. Where's Jerry???
That this is huge! Looks to be 10' or longer.
Dang, it is 10 1/2 foot long!!!! Talked to Jerry and Richard, it's an awesome fish!

Tom - DBG
Can some one post up the link to the web cam?

I did manage to get one pic, Jerry is the one in Yellow. The GUY in the yellow.

Congratulations to Jerry, everyone on the Pelican and Capt. Brennan!

Tom - DBG


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Wow, Jerry, now that's what I call a recovery!
Way to go, man, congrats on a great catch!
more pics later, I presume, along w/ full details?
tight lines
Port A Now Fish Cam

Looks like they are putting out the rest of the fish now.

Tom - DBG
Way to go Jerry!! That is one big fish!
I was fishing the stern of the Pelican when we spotted the mako. Capt John rigged a rod and tossed a chunk of bonita out, needless to say the mako took it. I ended up with the rod as the fish stripped everything off a 10/0 except one turn of line (yes, one time around the spool) and burned both of my thumbs. About that time John got the anchor up and started backing to the fish, I started cranking like crazy.
I saw the fish jump once, others said it jumped twice. Once we were free it was simply pump, thumb the spool, and crank. The fish did make a number of good runs and wasn't about to tire out fast. I was able to get it to the boat but couldn't budge it the last couple of feet up to get a killing shot. After about an hour I gave the rod to a younger guy and in a few minutes he got the head up for the kill shot.
It was a lot of fun getting that shark onto the boat, ropes, gaffs and every person onboard lent both hands getting that fish landed.

Ten feet eight inches long and 58 inches in girth.
This is one worn out old fart!
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excellent fish Jerry!!!
thats my favorite fish, Ive been looking for a slob like that all season. congrats for landing a once in a lifetime fish. Pretty crazy once you sunk the iron in her right??
just out of curiosity, how do those taste? I have never eaten shark and was wondering how the meat is.
I was just about ready to leave my house when Jerry called.....(my girlfriend and I were headed to the Texas Treasure to do some gambling)....so I packed up my video cam to get some video of Jerry's shark. I have never posted on youtube.com but I will try to learn how to post the video there and give everyone a link. My video cam is high definition....so it may be a challenge to get the format correct. I'll give it my best.

We are all proud as hell of Jerry....he just went through a pretty good health scare about 6 weeks ago....and we all felt bad that he couldn't make a previous fishing trip with us. To see him come back and catch a fish of a lifetime just makes our day!!!
Congrats Jerry....this is one day that I will never forget!
Your welcome to the next one on worn out equipment. :D

I personally don't care for shark, but I am not a big fish eater.
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