Smith KOZ Expedition rod

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Inspiro, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Inspiro

    Inspiro Senior Member

    Hi all
    Have any body tried this rod?
    Smith KOZ.EX- 76BTH
    Specs seem very very tempting for big tuna,
    though rod rated for lures up to 300gm, tip seem lighter than Tokara 60, same max drag as Tokara, I'm not sure but I think it is slightly less parabolic than Tokara with a nice shut off point

    Here are the specs

    and here is the rod in action:

    Do you think Smith is back with a good stickbait rod?

  2. Zerodropper400

    Zerodropper400 Senior Member

    I've never even heard of it before but I think I haft to have one .
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  3. Inspiro

    Inspiro Senior Member

    I think it was just released last month
  4. Triay85

    Triay85 Senior Member

    Good to see Smith giving us some more options!
  5. Triay85

    Triay85 Senior Member

    Ive just seen the video, and to me it doesnt look like a PE10 rod... They are lifting pretty quick some 100lbs or se fish (what it appears as to me, maybe i'm wrong) but the rod appears nearly maxed out... Not sure maybe i'm wrong.
  6. porcha

    porcha Broscientist

    i've got a WRC 80P/35 and it has a sick bend, ton of power, easily a 100# fish rod -- probably a good choice for testing on NC sized bluefin

    rod is for sale too...
  7. Drifter

    Drifter Senior Member

    Does the rod have the lift for 125 - 150 tuna in vertical fight? I really like the casting distance on 80P/35 with a 80 - 125g lure.

    I have a RP250 - it's a monster but I easily lose 25% casting distance. I'm testing a RP200 next weekend. The RP200 and Blue Chaser 83/40R or 80/40R are the two models I've been thinking about for GOM YFT in the 100lb - 150lb range.
  8. IvanUK

    IvanUK Junior member

    I have the lighter C65LH KOZ expedition - can't compare it to its heavier brother but lightweight, poweful and great build quality.
  9. Reeljustice

    Reeljustice New Member

    Hi guys it's great to be a new member to this community I live in Sydney Australia and I'm looking for a rod to chase yellowfin and Bluefin I have come across this Smith rod in the Japanese catalogue and it can cast from 30g to 200g and has a PE rating of 5 to 15. I have 6 Smith rods already from jigging to popping and they are fantastic blanks with great lifting power and a nice bend that doesn't put too much hurt on your back. The rod has just been released and I know that it is made from three different types of carbon so I'massuming that it has a soft tip to cast light lures with a medium midsection and a strong butt to allocate for the PE 5 to 15. Has anyone seen this type of bank before or used any of the exhibition rods I want to cast stickbaits from about 70g to 130g with pe8 line class