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    Hey guys. I need some help regarding slow pitch (style) I do not know for sure what they are labeled as....

    I have a lot of "normal" jiggingrods and have got a good sense of what these rods can do in their respective weight-class. However it took me many years to figure this out. I shopped so many rods just to sell them again as there are no stores in my country that carries purpose jigging rods.

    Now I am all settled on the heavier side, but I am looking for a light jigging rod for cod, wolfish, mackrel and pollock. The regular size fish would be in the 5-15 pound range but it is not to uncommon to see pollack in the 25 pound range and up. I have a lot of 100 gram jigrods but they are "Heavy" for this type of fishing. I want a proper bend using low drag, and my synit and jm is tot heavy for this application. Again this is not slow pitch rods

    As I cannot get a hold of any slow pitch rods I need help finding one and buying unseen. So this is my ideal rod:

    Parabolic/semi-fast action (I guess most are fast action so not a must)
    will bend deep from 6 pounds of drag and must be able to handle a max of approx 10-15 pounds
    spiral/acid wrapped guides (conventional rod)
    preferred in the 5,5" - 6,5" range
    Price: 200-400 dollar range

    Sort of hard explainng this in writing... But I have tried my best - Hopefully someone that has used/felt some slow pitch rods can help me.... Much easier with regular jigrods as most are rated not only by their intended line use but also a max drag figure to base a decision on....

    And please shout out if you have anything for sale or looking for a trade ;)
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    Why go slow pitch if you're not "slow pitching":)
    I did the same though. But I felt the rod before I bought one. I have a few of them.I'm fighting bigger fish than you mention.

    What came to mind when you described your fishing is black holes magic eye. Killer little rod for lighter fare. There's a new one that's very sharp looking too. Other than that a few things that might interest you are jigging worlds silver bullet and ghost hunter have a slow pitch version. I've bent both of these and you might be happy with the lighter models of these.

    Course a Synit Matanza or even k2 UL would fit the bill but are very difficult to find.
    I was lucky enough to get ahold of a kaha k2 UL and of all my hoppers, daiwas ,jigging master 3 kings and power spell,Tenryu,black holes ,slow pitch and magic eye, and a recent maxel slow pitch.
    I love the Synit kaha best.
    Killer fun rod to fish.
    Good luck on your quest :)
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  3. porcha

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    I've never fished a black hole but seen a few in action, they tend to be overbuilt, at least their cape cod jigging rods

    Kilsong puts those pioneer rods to work and they're super light builds -- it'll be at the upper end of the budget

    I'd also look at Jigging Worlds Black Widow slow jig rods -- I've got the Black Demon 7'6" 150g rod, not a true slow jigging rod but super soft tip with good backbone through the midsection but probably not your rod. I've got two jigging world factory builds and they're great, I'm sure their custom rods are even better

    At the low end of the spectrum, Majorcraft makes some great rods and they usually ship from outside of the US if that is the problem for you. There is usually a seller Singapore or Croatia selling these rods on ebay. I've got the Majorcraft B63/3SP and love it...hard to complain for the price. The build is a bit cheap with single tree guides but their Giant Killing rods are a bit better build but I don't believe either rod is spiral wrapped.

    A synit mantanza, evergreen posiden and maxel transformer are going to be above your budget but the best on the market
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    Buddy of mine has the major craft NP jack. It's a sweet little rod and I didnt think it was cheaply built at all. Very sharp looking in fact.
    Another rod that might be worth a look is the jigging master wiki ocean fire.
    Fxg, vendor here has them.
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    Thor - check your email.
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