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NOTE: Sorry put 8/16 in the title should be 8/15

With school starting for my son this coming Thursday, fallball baseball and my Fall 09 classes I teach starting in a few weeks I wanted to take Jonathan out on the boat one last time this summer. Decided on the Icon out of Long Beach Sportfishing again, did a good run last weekend (Read about it here) and hoped it would turn out the same. This time I called in for the 3 for 2 special early in the week and my cousin Jason joined us again. I also was trying out my other shirt from ApexPredator today as well.

Got down to the landing around 11:45 and picked up our passes. Looked like a lighter load today, around 35 or so. The morning run was much heavier. They came in on time and it did not go well for them. Only a handful of fish on plastics in the morning. No anchovies for bait today, only huge sardines. Here is a pic of what we had for bait.

Captain Shawn got on the horn as we left, slow slow morning a few calicos here and there on plastic. Basically good luck today with no bait that was worth anything. Oh wells, we win some and lose some. Luckily we has a bunch of plastic in the bags.

Nice thing was there was a bunch of kids on board for Jonathan to have friends and they had a great time all day with the great weather. Jonathan did not end up fishing much, just watching is new friends fish (thanks to their families they were great with Jonathan) and sitting in the galley.

To sum up the trip, about 5 moves around the horse shoe, no current, no birds, nada, nada nada at all. First 4 stops I got 1 bite and the guy next to me got one legal calico (it was his first time out so that was good). Maybe about 10 bass the whole day, and neither of us got skunked at least. On the last stop my cousin got 2 dinky mackerel and I got one short calico. When I hooked up Jonathan was in the galley and missed bringing it in. Oh wells.

Passed on the jackpot this time around and a 2lb calico won the whole thing.

I was happy to be out on the water before the hectic school/work schedule begins this week (It's lots of fun with 4 kids in the house) and have had some great outings the last few weeks.

At least all the kids had a good time. (Look at the baby mac in the one kids hand, we had those mixed in with the sardines).

Once again I would highly recommend Long Beach Sportfishing. Easy to get to, great crew (they tried hard on this run) and fun to go out with. They have some good specials going on right now from the looks of things in the office Long Beach Sport Fishing Berth 55, Sportfishing for the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego Area of California. The Icon is a good boat and has seen some years but like most of the other ships in the SoCal 1/2 day fleet she does her job well. Liked the new shirt that ApexPredator sent out to me, comfortable and I liked the color better than the other. My full review will be on my site under product reviews.

Final count for the day...

Mackerel 2 (released)


Calico Bass 1 (released)

One weird thing did happen to us, Jonathan put up his light spinning rod when we go on board and it disappeared. Both me and my cousin checked the whole boat a few times over and did not find it till the end of the trip, back up in the holder. It had been used by someone on the boat the whole time, reel was wet and it was tied up different than what usually do. It's a beater walmart rod so it would not have killed me to lose it, but with all the rental rods on board it did not surprise us.

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