shrimp season

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    when does shrimp season open?
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    It opened June 15th I believe.

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    It doesn't open until July 15th.

    The Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season for both state and federal waters will open 30 minutes after sunset Tuesday, July 15, 2008. The opening date is based on an evaluation of the biological, social and economic information to maximize the benefits to the industry and the public.

    In making its determination, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Division used the best available scientific information including samples collected by using trawls and bag seines in routine TPWD data collection..

    “There are good stocks of brown shrimp out there and they are widely distributed,” said Robin Riechers., TPWD Coastal Fisheries Division science and policy director.

    The purpose of the closed Gulf season is to protect brown shrimp during their major period of emigration from the bays to the Gulf of Mexico until they reach a larger, more valuable size before harvest and to prevent waste caused by the discarding of smaller individuals.

    Federal waters (from 9 to 200 nautical miles offshore) will open at the same time that state waters will open. The National Marine Fisheries Service chose to adopt rules compatible with those adopted by Texas.

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    Whoops mixed dates.