Shoulder problems and fishing

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by Pope, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Pope

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    I dislocated my shoulder and saw a chiropractor today. It was reset and they suggested swimming. They wouldn't say how long it would take before I could become fully active again, but I don't want to sit on my hands. Has anyone here ever suffered a shoulder injury? If so, how long did it take before you could use it again? I mean really use it! Like lifting a rod against a fish and I don't mean crappie!
  2. SkeeterRonnie

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    i think Lite Liner had some shoulder injuries, like torn rotator cuff or similar.

    You need to quit that late night twister game with the hot ladies!!!!

  3. jaredchasteen

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    pope hit me up I dislocated my shoulder 7 times before surgery. Only twice since. Be careful the muscles need to heal for a little while or else u will keep dislocating it.
  4. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Thanks for the feedback. It sucks getting older? The twister games aren't what they used to be! Jared, I will hit you up. Thanks again.
  5. Fishhead56

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    Step on a garden rake, then your shoulder won't hurt as much as your foot!
    I got a good back but have abused my joints, including knee work and afterwards declining work on my other knee and one shoulder. I tweeked my good shoulder in China 22 months ago where I could not raise my wrist above my belt for a week or so.Try some anti inflamatory meds even off the shelf stuff for a few weeks and if it hurts it to move it in a certian area, arm raised in front , behind back ect. Don't move it in that direction...
    After 2-3 weeks then consider what to do..
    Swimmming is low impact but so is rest and checking movement gingerly.
    You are not scheduled for NFL play off soon are you.
    my .02$
    O scope takes things out that won't grow back, which if torn might need
    work, But let it rest first..
  6. gman

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    The key is making sure it rests so its doesnt become a chronic problem and getting to the RIGHT doctor, not saying your chiropractor isn't good. There is more at play than just the dislocation and reset. There is a reason it came out, weak ligaments, loose AC joint etc

    What you need is a orthopedist they will guide you. I had a chronic case in college with football and until I had Rotator Cuff surgery it kept happening. You need to rest it for awhile so the joint goes back into normal position if not your going screw yourself up. Its not like a knee, you have several moving parts in there ... clavical, ac joint, rotator cuff, bicept tendon and glenohmarl joint
  7. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I am not in the NFL play offs, but I am active. This is driving me nuts already. I do appreciate the caution many are offering. It is also scary to hear. Swimming is what the chiropractor suggested and they also said to keep it moving. I will definitely go see my primary physician and get x-rays and whatever else they suggest. I hope surgery is not in the future. I will be laying off for a while. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  8. SpecialK

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    I have a torn labrum. It has been torn for 6 years. Everytime my shoulder pops out it takes about 2-weeks to not bother me at all. I have had two knee surgerys. I am trying to get by with the shoulder a while longer.
  9. BretABaker

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    whatever you do make sure you rehab it properly as glenn said.

    i had a compound fracture, dislocated ankle and tore everything but my achilles almost 5 years ago. i wasnt able ot rehab it properly and it still bothers me quite a bit. i'm only 25 so it doesnt bode well for the future, ha. everytime im out fishing for a long time its a bit tender/swollen when I get in.
  10. MrBill

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    You never know when it will hit you. I've been lucky. I've never broken a bone that I was aware of. The reason I say that is I broke my collar bone when I was under the age of one when I fell off a bicycle handle bar my brother had placed me on.:eek: My mother said I cried every time she rolled me over in my crib, but she didn't think much of it until it went on for months. An x-ray showed I had broken the collar bone, but it was half healed and not worth breaking again to straighten up.

    After Thanksgiving, my wife instructed me to take out all the X-Mas stuff. She has a bunch. My job is to lift all the heavy boxes (up to 80#'s) and bring them into her staging area. That's it.

    Two days later, she begs me to help her put up some ornaments high in the tree that she can't reach. Being a great helpful husband, I started putting the 1 ounce ornaments up on the higher limbs. Damn if I didn't pull something in my lower back stretching out to reach those high places. I've been a mess since then. I was going fishing last weekend, but had to cancel. Hell, I couldn't even get out of bed last week. I had to roll over and get down on my knees and crawl to the pisser at night.

    To make matter's worse, I was in such pain at work, I drove to Sam's and bought a bottle of 150 Advil tablets. The instructions say to take one pill every four hours. I don't believe instructions on those bottles. I think they are for people under 100 pounds. So, I took two pills every two hours. It never helped for three days, so I picked up a huge tube of that heat ointment stuff.

    I was at work and nobody was looking, so I dropped my pants and squeezed at bunch on my hand to rub into my lower back. That stuff comes out fast. It's thinner than I expected. I failed to notice that I squirted a bunch out that fell into my underwear. I walked back out into view of others before my balls started on fire. I hear I turned red as a tomato before I ran to the water cooler for aid. :eek:

    I'm still in pain but it's getting better. I can now sit up and walk to the pisser at night. The bottle of Advil is history and I'm on my third tube of heat ointment.
  11. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    Brandon- Everyone else has chimed in w/ very good advice, so I guess I'll throw my experience in as well.
    I'm left-handed, & I had been suffering shoulder pain for roughly 4 years.
    lots of reasons, that I won't go into now, but long and short I had been working w/ a partially-dislocated shoulder for 4 years. & I mean really working
    (I'm a mechanic). I hadn't been able to boat any fish over 50# w/ out a harness. finally last April, I was starting my weedeater and it all fell apart, literally. Regular Doc says here, take these pain pills. not the answer.
    Found a sports-injury physician.(This , in hindsight, is CRITICAL!)
    After X-rays, MRI, showed the damage: Both tendons holding the joint in place were torn in half, rotator cuff 50% torn, the little end of the socket joint broken off. wow! only thing holding my arm on was skin/muscle!
    I explained to him that I was heavily into big-game angling, and how important having all my upper-body strength & mobility was in my sport.
    so, surgery went well. all fixed now, but even after 7 months, I can't throw a football. I can cast a popper 100 yards w/out pain. go figure.
    some points on your recovery:
    1.) do/ don't do EVERYTHING your doc tells you! the first 3 weeks of recovery are the most critical, & keeping that arm immobile is a must.
    (have fun wiping your ass/taking a shower/eating/etc):mad:
    2.) be careful w/ the pain meds. I was on a IV pain thing for 2 weeks,
    then went to 30mg hydrocodone. try to stay off the HC if poss, because it masks your pain level, which is THE BEST indicator of your progress of recovery. I was kept out of work for 4 weeks, and instructed NO FISHING for
    8-10 weeks, & no tuna for 6 months.
    Well, long & long, I am better now. although I only have about 85% mobility
    in that shoulder, I still have no pain after 7 months. it really took about 3 months to rebuild my arm strength, w/ lots of rehab ( read-pain).
    I think I can finally fight tuna w/out a harness now, but I still haven't tested that theory.
    get mutiple opinions, provide as much input as possible, pick your physician carefully, and go as light on the meds as possible. that's my advice.
    also, a "stress-ball", and lifting a book straight-arm to the horizontal until it hurts 3-times a day was the most helpful in my recovery.
    good luck Brandon!:D
  12. gman

    gman Senior Member

    anyway you shake it it sucks, Ive unfortunately been under the knife about 11 times from football related injuries two of which were rotator cuff surgeries. If you go to an othorpedist just follow his lead and rehab it because when you start getting older the pain will follow
  13. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    Yes, I have dislocated the right shoulder when a 600 nitro doubled on me.
    Go see a sports medicine doctor or you'll end up like me.
  14. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Thanks. You guys are great! I will see my primary tomorrow and ask for a referral. It seems sports medicine orthorpedist doctors are the way to go. I don't want to know what they think, I want to know what they KNOW. MRIs and X-rays please. This sucks and I sincerely appreciate the concern and information. I want to get back into the gym, on the water and kicking butt soon.
  15. gman

    gman Senior Member

    Thanks. You guys are great! I will see my primary tomorrow and ask for a referral. It seems sports medicine orthorpedist doctors are the way to go. I don't want to know what they think, I want to know what they KNOW. MRIs and X-rays please. This sucks and I sincerely appreciate the concern and information. I want to get back into the gym, on the water and kicking butt soon.

    Take it from me, see an orthopedic surgeon and take it easy and go to therapy (not the mental heath one hahahah)
  16. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    He might need a mental health review after going w/out fishing for so long!!!
  17. atunatado

    atunatado Member

    I dont know what city you are in, but Dr.Bill Bryant is the man when it comes to shoulders in Houston. If you need more info, pm me.

    BAOSABI Senior Member

    I've had shoulder problems every since I dislocated it about 8 years ago in a bike accident. Since then I've had to be careful about certain ranges of motion on that shoulder. I can't even throw a baseball anymore with that arm. A few years after the bike accident I was having an intense game of Air Hockey and dislocated it again. Fortunately it popped back in to place on its own so I skipped the hospital trip. It even popped out one morning as I was stretching after I woke up. The orthopedic surgeon told me that the only way to fix the problem was to go under the knife. It wasn't life threatening so I decided not to.

    Recently I started to exercising again to keep up with the demands of offshore fishing and all I can say is it has worked wonders for my shoulder. For some reason the simple "Pushup" has been the most effective for me.
  19. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I went to an orthopedist and he says it is a torn labrum. They are suggesting surgery. Anyone ever torn a labrum?
  20. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    That is a torn rotator cuff.